Empress Candy’s Day

In the winter, Candy is the first animal cared for in the morning. But now that the weather has warmed up, I go outside and feed the fish first.

Candy is peeved. She’s the Empress Rabbit and should be attended to before all others. Candy lets me know her displeasure by ringing her bell and gnawing at her door.

I let her out and she gallops down the ramp,

and then she checks to see if her royal subjects, the hens, have been let out yet,

and then she goes and pees.

It takes a long time to pee.

The rest of the day is spent visiting with the chickens, all the while maintaining the proper royal attitude.

She confers with the goats.

At the end of the day, as night falls, I go out to close up the barns. As I check on the hens, Candy watches me, and when I step into her pen, she runs a big loop around her hutch royal abode, charges up the ramp, and turns and waits for her due. Two banana chips.

All hers. You don’t have to share when you are the Queen.


  1. Terry, I keep thinking about getting a rabbit to keep my hens company :o). My son had rabbits as a kid and they always dug dens even though they had a house to live in. Why doesn’t Candy do that? Oh, have a question about your fish too. I live in NE Indiana, and want to put in a small pond. Would I have to bring the fish inside during the winter?

    Love reading about all that goes on at your place! Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Oh, but Candy does burrow. The run’s fence is 8 inches below ground, and I close up her holes with big rocks and piles of sand.

      Our fish stay outside all winter because we have a pump which keeps the water from freezing. Cold is okay for goldfish, but not being frozen into a block of ice!

  2. Love it love it love it!! I can’t wait until we get a bunny for our chicken hutch. Too cute..lol

  3. Great blog!

    Do your goldfish reproduce?

    Mine do, if you need any extra and are in the neighborhood stop by ;-)

    • Yes. Many little ones, but the Great Blue Heron keeps them in check. I just hope that bird doesn’t spear the Beast.

  4. She is so funny. You really have her well trained….or is it the other way around?

  5. That was adorable! Thank you for that to start my day! So cute! All Hail Empress Candy!

  6. Awesome story, thank you for sharing your life with us!

  7. You MUST have a Candy the Bunny book in you somewhere! Loved the post.

  8. Love it when you feature Candy! And thinking about yesterday- one of my favorite posts was after your initial surgery. I was happy to know you were home recovering and being so well cared for by the doggie nurses.

  9. Yes, a book about Candy would be amazing. She has so much personality.

  10. This entry brought such a smile to my face. I have caught Candy several times on HenCam just sitting on the ramp facing the chickens. She always cracks me up with her antics! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.

  11. You asked which posts are the favorites in your anniversary message. THESE are my favorite. Sure, the hens are why I’m here, but I do adore Candy. You take on her voice with perfection!

  12. It’s good to be Queen. I agree with Bobbie and Paulette, a book starring her would be wonderful. It’s about time Peter Rabbit got a run for his money from the distaff side.

    • Candy’s stare could stop Farmer MacGregor in his tracks! He’d be pulling carrots for her in not time.

  13. Like others have noted, I LOVE to watch Candy. When she’s on the hens’ ramp and just sits there, too cute. I also saw her one day in the hens’ hutch near a feeder!. And I adore how she will zoom around the yard. To me she is Candy the Bunneh. She is authoritative and precious. I wonder what she is thinking.

  14. Thank you for another wonderful Candy post! I bet you never let yourself run out of banana chips….yikes!

  15. Queen Candy needs her own fan club. We love her and her expressive fuzzy face!!

  16. That Candy is just too precious!! Please knit her a small crown.

  17. That is too funny. She is hilarious. I remember late last year when you didn’t arrive soon enough to let her out, so she rang the bell. When you let her out, she went to do her business but with an attitude. Her personality really shines. Had she seen that you let out the hens today before her, she’d have a fit. She’s the #1 Queen Bunny.

  18. Candy is soo cute and very well trained I’m thinking about getting another bunny and I sure hope she will be as well trained as candy.

  19. LADY!!! First you make me ring the stupid bell over and over to get ANY attention at all, and then you have the NERVE to take a picture of me while I’m PEEING! WHAT does a girl have to do to get some RESPECT around here????

  20. Great story-her subjects want more Candy stories!

  21. So many great comments! I can’t respond to them all (I’m busy catering to Candy and her minions) but I’ve conveyed your greetings to her. She’s twitched her nose in response.

  22. I Just adore this bunny!!! I confess I just log on to see Candy and what she is up too!! Her personality is a hoot!! I agree with all…we need a Queen Candy book!!! Thank you for sharing Candy with all of us!!