The Hen and the Rabbit

Eleanor, the old hen, is napping in the compost pile. It is peaceful and cozy.

Someone is coming!

If you sit quietly, says Eleanor, you can keep me company.

I’m not interested, says Eleanor, and she pecks Candy’s nose.

Sourpuss! says Candy.



  1. Love the tale and love your photos! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Good Morning, Happy Easter! I so enjoy your hen blog, May 23,I get my first 15 chicks, can’t wait! I love Candy, I want a Candy too.

  3. Your blog has shown me that chickens and rabbits have personalities. I’ve never been around them before. Now I eagerly watch the hencam and especially to see Candy get released in the morning and penned up at night. She has her own routines that are so cute to watch. I wonder what she thought as she nestled into the hay with Eleanor. Love this interaction.

  4. Aww, what a cute pictorial. Happy Easter to all of you at Little Pond Farm!

  5. That Candy loves being up on things. No wonder she went to join Eleanor on the pile. Sometimes they join her too in her hutch but she doesn’t shoo them out. Great photo of them together. Happy Easter!

  6. You have got such a wonderful mind for composition. Your blog posts are truly artistic!

  7. Ha ha, priceless! I do love Candy. I actually saw her MOVE for the first time ever (for me) the other day. As in, hopping and running! Very exciting!