Rooster Puppets Giveaway!

This family of four rooster puppets is ready to find a new home! A long-time blog reader, Jennifer Stamps, was doing a spring cleaning and came across these boys that she had meant to use in her work with children but, like many chickens, they somehow hid out of sight. These puppets are now here at Little Pond Farm, but, as you know, I don’t keep roosters. I want to re-home them with someone who works with kids. Are you a teacher, librarian, homeschooler? Do you have a passel of children to entertain this summer? Do you know of a classroom that would keep these roosters busy? If so, enter the giveaway.

The contest closes on Friday, April 20 at 9 pm EDT. One entry for posting here on HenBlog. If you tweet this contest to your followers, come back and enter again. Post on FaceBook and post here again. Spread the word! These roosters are ready to add noise and mayhem to a classroom. They are up to date on their health certificates and can be shipped internationally, so do enter even if you are not in the USA.



  1. Amazing puppets!! My daughter’s preschool class would go nuts for roosters!

  2. Love folkmanis! They has these at the nature center we used to go to in NC. We are a homeschooling family with four kiddos who would love to win these. We are new to chickens this year and my kiddos just love them. Thanks for the chance!

  3. Oh, my girls and I would love to have chicken puppets. I start my last semester, to become a teacher, this August. I’ll be student teaching at a local elementary and these would be great to have. : )

  4. These are incredibly cute! I am the asst. Director for a big summer arts camp that has story tellers (puppets are always needed), I also volunteer for a local k-8 elementary school that would love some time with them, and I also am starting homeschooling next year!

  5. Oh my! The stories I could tell in the library with those roosters! Adorable!

  6. These are darling. We are a homeschooling family that these would be wonderful for. We host a pre-school group once a week and I have four chickens so the kids always do something to do with the chickens or about them. They would love to have these so they could make there own chickens come alive.

  7. How sweet. I am the librarian at a library/community center totally run by volunteers and fundraising where we have 4 story hours, a summer program, and a puppet theater. We are always looking for more ways to make the stories for the 3 and 4 year olds come alive!.

  8. Very cute, a friend of mine is homeschooling her sons, so she would love this for her son. So I am entering for her.

  9. I am a homeschooler with four children and I also have at least one baby rooster. My youngest two children are Pre-K age and LOVE the chickies. I guarantee they would love rooster puppets.

  10. The last time I volunteered in my son’s Kindergarten classroom a few weeks ago, they had a puppet show for me while I was there. It was ADORABLE and they had so much fun with it. These would make a great addition to the puppet family. I know his school would put them to good use.

  11. My neice goes to Kinderberry Hill Preschool in the ladybug class…they would LOVE them and they would provide hours of entertainment for the class!

  12. My 16 month old daughter would absolutely LOVE these. She’s just getting interested in puppets!

  13. We are a homeschooling family with a flock of pet chickens, including our beloved rooster named Waldo. The kids incubated the eggs and hatched them 2 years ago and have loved them ever since. We have also adopted 2 chickens from Chicken Run Rescue, a fabulous organization. We spread our love for chickens to all, as well as our love of roosters who get such a bad rap, but are wonderful creatures.

  14. I’m a public school teacher in California, and my kids would LOVE these! I’ll keep one for myself, and share the others with fellow teachers. :)


  15. Since we are a hen & rooster loving homeschooling family, we’ve been working on a children’s chapter book about our adventures with our feathery pets over the past 2 years since hatching them. We also are a BIG fan of puppets with a good collection (mostly animals, but amazingly NO chickens!???) that we use for church ministry work. It would be awesome fun to use these roosters in some of our stories we are writing :-)

  16. Those are amazing! I’m an education assistant and they would be great for our farm themes in kindly!

  17. I know the children at Country Fun Home Daycare and Preschool would love these wonderful puppets. I have shared my copy of Tilly Lays An Egg with the kids and I know they watch the hen, goat and rabbit cams. at Little Pond Farm. Deb, the owner, is one of the most talented teachers I have ever met, oh, the lesson plans this gal would come up with!

  18. I am a Kindergarten teacher. My class is currently in the process of hatching chicken and duck eggs in an incubator in our classroom. My kids would go nuts for these.


  20. My daughter is a 2nd. Grade teacher in the Cleburne ISD in North central Texas. She wiould love to add this to her classroom!!

  21. My preschoolers in Portsmouth would love a rooster puppet! Just adorable!

  22. I used to have all kinds of Folkmanis puppets when I was a children’s librarian. And I know a library in upstate New York that would LOVE these for their storytimes! When a nice giveaway!

  23. Dear me! Buffie has been inside the coop on the roost all day, wings out, beak open. Makes me want to rush up to Little Pond and offer her an ice pack!! Hope your puppet give away is a crowing success Terry.

  24. The kids in our church’s childcare program would LOVE to have these to play with!

  25. We are hatching eggs at school, we would love to play with these awesome puppets!

  26. My friend Sara teaches a class of developmentally delayed children. She would love these! I’m entering for her :)

  27. My sister teaches 4th grade and is VERY active with Ag in the Classroom.. these would be a GREAT addition to her program! BTW…. I LOVE your blog!

  28. These are beautiful! I would give them to my neighbor whose daughter is in a special needs puppet group called Puppets a la Mode. They use the pig puppets and have performances around town.

  29. Count me in. I’m a para-educator at an elementary school and the kinders would love to add a rooster to their puppet show.

  30. Oh my gosh! I have 9 grandboys…..3 of them have chickens in an old coop at their farm. They had a not so nice experience with the rooster that came by mistake with their colored layers. The littlest one still very animatedly tells the story. The oldest was very very sad and complained “you SAID I could keep him until I went to college!” Anyway I also volunteer at the 4 k program a day a week and several of my little boys are planning on attending the new Agriculture Charter School next fall. We would make good use of the puppets! And work through some rooster angst maybe. hahaha

  31. Having a summer day camp for kids with disabilities. They will be riding, grooming and other stable chores, feeding/caring for chickens, collecting eggs so they can participate in the weekly farmer’s market, crafts and working on social skills. Spruce Point Farm Camp in LaGrange, KY

    Bet they would sell alot of eggs using the puppets!

  32. We’re a bunch of chicken lovers, too! My kids have named them all and have been able to identify the chickens by touch while they (the kids) were blindfolded.

    At almost 50 years of age I’m starting a new career as a schoolteacher. It has been a wonderful challenge working with the students. A rooster puppet would be a wonderful addition to my future classroom and would allow me to share my family’s love of chickens with the ‘chicks’ in my classroom.

  33. I would love to see the rooster family go to Miss Carol and Miss Irene who are the childrens’ librarians in Elmwood Park, Ill. They have story time several days a week for children from tots to older ones and also have hand-puppet shows. The rooster family would be most happy here, on display and eager to see the children.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  34. All I can say is one word ‘ADORABLE’!!! My great-niece’s Third grade class room would go crazy!!!!

  35. I totally love your blog. Visit it several times a day. Wondering if you could move the camera for the Chick Cam so we can see the ladders they roost on? I like to watch them put themselves to bed. Thanks for the enjoyment.