Hens Don’t Have Teeth

Contrary to what you see in the movie Chicken Run, chickens don’t have teeth.

Like all birds, they have beaks. Which means they can’t chew – at least not in their mouths. Instead, they eat tiny rocks, which are stored in their gizzard. The gizzard is a tough and powerful muscle, and as it squeezes and churns, it uses the rocks to grind up the food.

Today is one of those days that I wish I had a beak and a gizzard. Instead, I have teeth, which despite me doting on them day and night require much attention by my dentist. Today I had a root canal.

I’m taking another pain killer and going back to bed.


  1. I’m sorry! What a way to have to spend this beautiful day! Feel better!!

  2. Hoping you will feel ever so much better today . . . Thinking of you

  3. Poor u!! I’ve spent a lot of time lately telling my chickens how lucky they are they don’t have teeth. Had tooth pulled recently and spent one hour forty minutes in chair while dentist pulled tooth and dug for the root he could see but couldn’t catch. Had abscess at time he didn’t treat then lingering infection til my doctor gave me antibiotics. Chemist painkillers were ineffective but oil of cloves saved my sanity! (Some would argue). Smells nice, tastes foul but very effective I found.

    Is lovely to have your girls to look at when I’m going to bed and miss my babies. I’m in Adelaide South Australia so get my nocturnal chook fix thro u. Thankyou. hope your pain free soon!!!

  4. Get well soon Terry! My Sis has had problems with a root canal that she had for 2 months now. Get some rest.

  5. Terry, hope you are feeling better today. Have had two root canals and they are no fun. Rest and eat scrambled eggs for a few days.

  6. Been there too..no fun. Feel better and enjoy better living through chemistry.

  7. has any of you guys hatched chickens in an at home incubator? thats what im doing right, now my silkie laid five fertil eggs so its going good but its my first time so if you have any advice that would be cool.

  8. So sorry, Terry. I’ve been there, so I feel for you. Take it easy and feel better soon. Georgous photo of your toothless bird, BTW.