The Rooster Puppets’ New Home

I used to select the winner of the rooster puppets giveaway. It was sheer luck, but the roos couldn’t be going to a better home. Here is the entry from Shelley:

Having a summer day camp for kids with disabilities. They will be riding, grooming and other stable chores, feeding/caring for chickens, collecting eggs so they can participate in the weekly farmer’s market, crafts and working on social skills. Spruce Point Farm Camp in LaGrange, KY

Bet they would sell alot of eggs using the puppets!

Shelley, I want to see a photo of the roosters and kids at the farmer’s market!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS SHELLY!!!! Take plenty pictures and post them so we can see the children enjoying the puppets. I hope they have a blast with them and sell lots and lots of eggs!!!!

  2. Wonderful! Sometimes life works out exactly as it should:)

  3. Perfect! The roosters couldn’t have found a better home. Congratulations, Shelley.

  4. Congrats Shelley! So glad my former puppets have a new home where they will be used & loved! Yes, please do send some photos of them in action.

    I was amazed when I read the entries for the contest – I had no idea how many people would be interested in them. Thank you Terry for helping them onto their next adventure! Just one more great thing you do for the chicken community!

    All best wishes to all, Jen ~:>

  5. Wow! Many thanks! I never win anything! This will be super! Thanks so much! I will take photos. I can’t wait for summer.