Today’s Blooms

For the last three days in a row, temperatures rose above 80º F. Yesterday, if I stepped outside and blinked, there’d be another plant in bloom!

I have no idea what this is. It’s in my shade garden.

These crocus and scilla are in the front woodland.

There are pink buds and flowers on the ornamental cherry.

As pretty as this is, I’m worried. There’s going to be a snowstorm this week. I am 100% sure of my weather prediction because Steve is going to California for a conference today, and we always have dramatic weather when he’s gone. I’m not making this up. He leaves and there are blizzards and ice storms. One year it didn’t snow, but lightning did strike the house. The temperature is already 30º colder than it was yesterday. I think I’ll go pick some daffodils and put them in a vase in the kitchen. It’s always good to have a cheery spot when bad weather is expected.

Addendum: Here are more photos of the mystery bloom.

I checked the catalog of the nursery I purchased this plant from. Blanchette Gardens does not carry hyacinths!

BTW, note the ruler. It is one of my prized chicken collectibles. It reads “25,000 BUSY HENS TO SERVE YOU” and on the other side, “Willow Brook Poultry Farm – The Swords & Daughters.”


  1. This severe weather keeps up, & you might have to confine Steve to the property!

  2. Hi Terry Is that first flower a Lilly of the Valley? Hope your weather stays good for you.

    • Not a Lily of the Valley. Those are smaller with different blooms. I bought some unusual shade plants two years ago, stuck the labels in the ground, which disappeared after the first fall clean-up, and now have no idea what is there! This is the first year that it’s bloomed. Quite dramatic. No leaves, just the stalk and flowers. It’s quite large.

  3. looks like it might be a Petasites sp. – a Butterbur. Do the flowers look like they might be hugely composite inside? Does it have a sweet smell?

    It actually looks more like a Bergenia but they don’t do the flowers before leaves, unless you have a special one over there, and the stem looks a bit fleshy!

    • No aroma yet. I’ll post another photo when it is fully in bloom (unless covered in snow.) I’ll put a ruler by it, too. It’s tall!

  4. Good Morning Terry. I knew it was definately in the wood Hyacinth family so I pulled out my latest bulb catalog that arrived the other day. Your lovely flower appears to be a Hyacinthoide; nickname Hispanica – ‘White City’ described as: “tight clusters of pure, snow white flowers which create an excellent contrast in filtered shade beds – hearty, early bloomer, up to 10 inch high”. So there you go – enjoy!

      • Aha! I did wonder about the evil Spanish hyacinth but it didn’t look quite right – yours must be a whopper. They get to about 18″ here but are frowned upon as they are crowding out the native Hyacinthoides non-scripta bluebell, escaping from gardens. I secretly rather like them but don’t tell anyone… they last ages in a vase but are very invasive in the garden – has something nibbled off the leaves?

        • I’ve just added more photos to the post. The nursery that I bought the plant from doesn’t carry hyacinths. Now what do you think?

          • I know what it is but can’t think of the name and it’s killing me! I used to have it in my garden too… perhaps a gin will help (it is gin time over here by the way, in case anyone is worried.)

    • I love foamflowers. I have smaller ones elsewhere. Wouldn’t be surprised if I planted them in this garden. Perhaps I’ve learned my lesson and will keep a planting record!

  5. Terry, safe travels to your dear husband, keep the shovel and snowblower handy. I am glad I opted not to plant my peas, spinach and lettuce, I was certainly tempted by the warm weather, 89 degrees on Thursday. I am anxious however, to see what the cold snowy impending weather may do to blooming plants and budding trees. I do hope the cold weather will wipe out the blackfly and mosquito population. I’m picking my daffodils just in case! Julie.

    • Julie – I ordered grape vines and asparagus mail order and specified “Do NOT send until April. Of course they’ve arrived and need planting this week!

  6. Thank you Wendy and Daisy! I will need you both here on June 1 and June 2 when my home is on a garden tour (more about that in another post!) You can pretend that you are the homeowners and can answer all of the questions that I can’t.

    Wendy- when you come to visit we’ll go to Blanchette’s. You’ll be quite frustrated that you can’t take anything home to England. Their selection is astounding and much is quite rare.

  7. we have some of those mystery flowers in our garden too but i have no idea what they are.

  8. Allium (ornamental onion)? The photo of it with the ruler really looks like it.