It’s Greening Up

It’ll be be another couple of months before the trees leaf out. It’s a month before the bulbs will be up in the front woodland. There’s still snow on the side of the road.

But, Scooter can smell the world greening up.

Look close, and you can see it. The mosses are plush.

If I look down, under the dead leaves and the dried out grasses in the meadow, there are green and growing prickly runners.

Agatha isn’t interested in them (she is, instead, transfixed by my sparkly ring.) But, those greens that are hiding are the goaties’ favorite pasture plant.

This weekend we’ll put the electric fence back up so that the goats can graze. So, if you don’t see the boys on the cam, you’ll know where they are. But, I think they’ll be resting and cud-chewing quite a bit, too. After all, even the goaties can’t eat all day.


  1. Terry, so glad you have been sprung from Scooter’s grasp!

    Your photos are so story-telling.

    • I knew someone who had a hen peck a diamond stud earring right off her ear! The hen was put in a crate and all “outputs” gone through. The diamond was recovered, but the gold was mangled beyond repair. The gizzard is one tough muscle.

  2. Look at “my” little Scooter just high stepping it down the road. So Proud he is…

    I had to take a second look at the photo with Agatha in it, she blended in at first glance.

  3. Terry and all,

    Earlier this month, Animal Place, an animal rescue org. rescued thousands of hens from an egg farm in Califonia that went out of buisness and left 50,000 hens to starve to death. 40,000 could not be saved. If anyone would like to help in any way, please visit their web sight.

    I am so sad.

    • This makes me sad and very, very angry. The reason that I haven’t written about it, is that so far, the groups doing the rescue promote veganism, and work towards eliminating farming that provides dairy, eggs, and meat. I firmly believe that there is a place for the consumption of such foods, when done with though and compassion.

      • I’m so sorry to upset you (or anyone). I’m not promoting any org. I agree with you completely that farming should be done with compassion.

        I just am so sad about those poor hens.

        • Didn’t upset me at all :) I’m glad you said something. I just wanted to point out how frustrating it is that I can’t support the rescuers. What we all can do is to either grow our own or purchase from conscientious farmers!

          • Sounds to me like the hens need to be “supported” regardless of the organization and it’s agenda.

            • Brigid, actually I don’t agree. Extreme organizations, like that one or PETA get their strength and money from publicizing themselves using these sorts events that cause public outrage. In this case, I would have humanely euthanized all of the hens. They had already been subjected to a factory production life, and then they had been starved of food and water for two weeks. I think a few hens were saved just to use them as publicity pawns.

              • I guess it depends on what lens you are looking through. I think that the people in these groups are passionate about what they do, and, unfortunately, most people don’t open their eyes unless they see these extreme cases. The message has to get out there somehow. The real issue is the suffering of these animals at the hands of humans and these groups are their advocates.

    • Sounds like animal cruelty charges should be pending. I would think the first bullet point in any animal welfare law would be adequate food and water.

      • The “farmer” was going out of business. Arranged to sell the chickens (probably to a processor.) The “farmer” walked away. The buyer never showed. Two weeks later, authorities move in.

  4. Thank you Terry, really enjoy the photos. It must feel great to get out again, and suck in some cool clean almost spring air! Here in the Northwest Puget Sound area some native shrubs and trees are already leaving out, crocuses are blooming, and the daffodils are a foot high ready to bloom.

  5. Brigid- I think that those groups do more harm than good, whatever the lens one looks through. Their basic premise is off (and it’s not protect animals, it’s do away with domestic farm animals) and, as I said, they use these situations to become more powerful. I can’t support them.

      • I do agree to disagree :) But, I am adamant about this issue, and cannot let comments go by without making sure that it is clear that I don’t condone those organizations. Those groups are not those animals’ advocates. They use them as pawns for an underlying agenda of doing away with farm animals altogether.

        • I just have to add another comment. ;-) I do agree with Terry on this. I watched a video some time back from one of these types of org. don’t remember which one. Of course I watched their video on the poultry. What I found “wrong” was they take the eggs they collect and they collected dozens per day and they hard boiled them and feed them back the birds. Their reasoning was that the birds bodies were so depleted of calcium because of their genetic breeding they needed the extra calcium. I thought what a waste. I’m sure there was some food pantry that would love to have those eggs.

          I do support the H.S. of Missouri’s farm animal shelter. I actually adopted a couple of ducks from there, I did have to sign a form agreeeing not to eat them, breed or if no longer wanted to bring them back.

  6. Hello, Terry.

    I’m thinking to get get a bunny and was thinking of letting it run with the chickens if i got one, With a seperate house at night, like Candy and your hens, but I’m paranoid that my chickens would peck at it. They are very friendly, but do you think this could cause a problem for me?

    • The only experience that I have with a bunny and chickens is with Candy, and as we all know, she has a personality that puts her in charge of the henhouse! I’ve heard from others who have had problems with hens pecking at the rabbit. I’ve also heard of male bunnies that have tried to mate with hens(!) – it’s always best to get your bunny neutered, anyway. Have you read my FAQ about keeping rabbits and chickens together? Obviously, it works here and I really enjoy their interactions. But, when you do get your bunny, pay attention to their individuality and adjust the management as needed. Enjoy!

  7. Thank-you, Terry! You always help us all so much and I really appreciate that! :)

    • You are welcome, Kelly. I know you love your animals and I’m very impressed with how thoughtful you are! I read a wonderful old agriculture book that basically said that being a good farmer comes down to being observant. You do that, and your critters will thrive :)