If you have goats, you know the term t-boning.

This is what it looks like.

It’s when one goat shoves the other smack in the ribcage. Pip does this to Caper. A lot.

They are brothers and they are best friends. Pip is a sweet, gentle, loving boy. He often has a bucolic smile on his handsome face. Caper, if asked, would say that behind that smile is a smirk, and that Pip is actually a jealous, greedy goat. Caper would not be exaggerating.

If Caper has found a green morsel in the pasture, Pip t-bones him out of the way. If I call the boys, (as in this photo) Pip t-bones Caper out of the way. If I sit on the rock to give them scratches, Pip t-bones Caper out of the way.

Caper accepts that this is how his brother is. Caper, in his calm (and sneakily smart) way, knows it’s not worth the energy to respond. Caper knows that while Pip is doing his bossy t-boning, that Caper can keep his head down and keep on eating. Notice that Caper is the more rotund of the two. As I said, Caper is the smart brother.


  1. How funny is this? Amazing how much they mirror human relationships. I am somewhat chagrinned to admit it but I am Pip and my sister is Caper. And like you, my mom loved us both. Yes, my sister Karen is the smart sister although I am rounder.

    • Funny, Kathleen! I think there are many life lessons to be learned from this. Not the least of it is that it took me a full year before I realized that Caper was the smart one. It’s so important to stay open to changes and revelations about those we love. (Goat kids and people kids.) If I held onto my first impressions, I wouldn’t enjoy those goats half as much as I do now.

  2. Did you get the goats when they were little kids? Last spring at the local farmers’ market, one farmer, who sells her homemade goat cheese, brought one of her little kids. I don’t know what breed it is only that it was a dwarf and it was specked gray. The cutest thing I ever laid eyes on and I cradled her on my lap for the longest time. Eventually I passed her on to a little boy who sat down beside me on the bench. I wonder if he talked his parents into taking her home!

          • Goats are very cute, but unfortunately so many of the wethers and bucks I was sad to have learned end up going to freezer camp.(Even for the Dwarf Nigerians.) You and the breeder you bought the boys from are so nice to try and find homes for the wethers as pets.

            • There just aren’t enough homes for the wethers. But, goat meat is the most popular meat worldwide. Like with any food animal, as long as they are very, very well cared for, and humanely treated at the end, I’m okay with it.

              • Yes but I don’t think I could eat wethers that were like your boys Pip and Caper. While on the other hand the other wether I know Ambrose who has turned mean and is started to be human aggressive I could live with eating.

  3. “More rotund” is certainly a relative term, in this case! :-)

  4. I’d never heard of T-Boning… now I know. Isn’t it fascinating watching animal behaviour, you can learn such a lot.

    I think I like your goats more now they’re grown up and especially with their thick coats.

    Good that your recovery is going well now you’re over that bug.



  5. Hi Terry, I have this breed of goat too. 2 female sisters 1 yr of age now. Yes there is always a dominate one isn’t there! Mine really like to play queen of the hill on their play toys and man they like to butt heads! and yes T-Boning for sure! I’m going to breed them next year so I can have goat cheese and soap can’t wait!

    • Good for you! I’d love to have babies around, but I sure don’t want to be tied to a milking schedule. I did just buy goat soap (from georgiafarmwoman.com.) She milks. I like supporting those that do. Have fun!

  6. These are beautiful goats. I so enjoy watching them and their antics. I like the stories you write about them and the photos you post. Sounds like Pip is the prankster of the two. When I’ve watched them, which is quite often, Caper has been the instigator of the head-butting and other shenanigans. I have not witnessed the t-boning, though.

    I hope you are feeling better and stronger each day. I’ve enjoyed your daily photos and updates.

    • You’re right! Caper is the head-butting instigator. He also bites Pip’s tail to make him play. I’ll have to do a post on that.

  7. Hey Terry,

    I have 2 female goats and t-boning is a regular occurrence for my girls. The only thing is mine have their horns. I really feel sorry for Ginger. Your little guys are so cute.

  8. Are the stumps a new jungle gym for the boys? Since boredom breeds mischief, it looks like

    a smart move.

    • Yes! Our neighbors cut down some trees and I asked for stumps. The boys are very happy. They can squeeze through the two and scratch both sides at once.