Dog Nurses

I am feeling much better! But, I remain exhausted from the surgery and the stomach flu. I’m still  on the couch, recuperating.

Scooter is ecstatic. The couch is where he spends his days. Now he has company. And a job, which is to make sure that I stay put. Scooter sends his message that napping is good via doggy ESP to me. Just look at that concentration.

On the other hand, Lily is bored, bored, bored. The first day that I spent on the couch she brought over a selection of toys to encourage me to move. It didn’t work. She’s given up.

But, don’t let that relaxed pose fool you. She has one eye on me at all times. If I so much as sit up she’s right there, ready for anything. Lily has been using her doggy ESP, too. She’s been telling me that I will regain my strength by walking to the cookie jar and feeding her treats. It’s good exercise for me, and allays her boredom. It’s hard to resist that doggy ESP. I do feel better with a happy, bouncy dog at my feet.


  1. yuk! being stuck on the couch is the worst; there are only so many books/dvds you can go through before you’re itching to be back outside among the animals and growing things. i feel for you but know you’ll be back at em in no time :)

  2. Looks like you have plenty of loving help to re-coop-erate. Nothing like good company. Glad you’re feeling better. I know it will be well worth all your effort. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your wonderful husband and animal kingdom. Thank you for all the wonderful entertainment.

  3. Doggie sleep enzymes? Or are they Pheromones? Useful things, those, whatever they are! I’m looking forward to your post surgery recovered posts! But take your time, you get better faster, slower.

  4. As much as we want to fast forward our recovery, it seems our bodies have their own schedule. So glad you are feeling better, but am wondering just who took these delightful pictures of Lily and Scooter. Hummmmm…. Must have been on one of those trips to the treat jar. Take care.

  5. Lily does look like she is ready to spring into action – Scooter, nah, all curled up! Glad you are doing well. Be sure to get plenty of rest!

  6. That is so adorable! I had ankle surgery 2 months ago, and my dogs were the same way! The papillion took up residency on my lap, and my jack russell just watched to make sure that if I got up for any reason, I would pay attention to her. Good luck on your recovery!!

  7. Their healing powers rival any nurse! Happy snuggle – healing!