The Winner Of The Print Is…

Congratulations to Jenion! A long time ago I had a giveaway and thought I’d have a hen pick the winner by pecking at the paper entries in a hat. What a disaster. This time around the goats offered to select a winner.

They would have liked a hat filled with paper scraps. Or just the hat. I politely declined.

Scooter wasn’t interested.

So, I used a random number generator.

Many thanks to Jenny Tiffany for donating this wonderful giveaway. Keep an eye on this blog. More giveaways to come!


  1. Pip does not look pleased….. Then again, it would be just like the goats to eat the slip with the winner’s name leaving you to read all the rest of the names to figure out who won.

  2. You are right, Jean. Caper has pulled on the leash as if to take Pip on a walk. Pip HATES being pulled. It was rather funny.

  3. Changing the subject, here in England we have just had the first snow of the year and of this winter! It came last night and this morning its completely white outside. Its above freezing though, so wont last long.