Ignore The Groundhog

Ignore the groundhog. Today I collected 8 eggs from 12 pullets. That’s a surefire prognostication. Spring is just around the corner.

We’re happy about that here.


  1. Too cute! Let me know if you have extra this year. I’m looking for a local source of pastured eggs.

  2. Great picture. This beats the groundhog hands down. Still no large amounts of snow on the ground here in Bountiful, Utah!

  3. Must have been something in the air, or the 10 hrs of daylight. I got 14 from 18, with 6 of the 18 hens being older non-producers. The most so far this winter.

  4. I love your pictures. My tulips and hyacinths are starting to come up

  5. Love the small one in the back looking around the big one in the front.
    who is laying the dark one?

  6. Terry, I stumbled on to your site a few months ago and have been hooked ever since! It has has inspired me to put a camera in my hen house.Now in the morning I watch your flock and mine! Right now I have a full house, 30 chickens,4 geese,8 ducks,3 chukar and a rabbit ( Flipflop). Happy to know there are more of ” my kind” out there, my husband thought I was the only one! Also enjoying the mild winter, we live east of Lake Ontario and usually get blasted with lake effect snow.