In Charge

I’ll be out of town for a couple of days. I’ve left Candy in charge. I think she can handle it, don’t you?

Note: Candy was born March, 2004, so she is eight years old!


  1. I just love her little face! She definitely looks like she has it all under control.

  2. Jen you beat me to the punch line.
    Those cheeks you could just grab between your thumb and index finger and squeeeezzzzeeeee.

  3. How could you doubt that face and that big stick she has :) Hope you enjoy your out of town time :)

  4. What a face, what a demeanor! But most of all, she’s totally squeezable. :)

  5. I’ve seen the video of the rabbit that herds sheep. But if Candy can keep the chickens in line, I’m going to employ one to herd my chickens and ducks. Who knew!

  6. Is Buffy ok? Her vent is messy and it seems like she might be being picked on.

  7. Oh yes, look at Candy. It looks like she’s scheming up a plan! She is so adorable. As always, thank you for sharing your great photos.

  8. I wonder what she’s thinking? She’s definitely a take-charge-girl. I love it when you talk about her ringing the bell to get out.

  9. LOL!!! Look at that face and those eyes,man she looks like she can take care of the whole farm! And it you mess with her,she will turn into Attack Bunny!!! I love this rabbit!! What a stinker!