Foggy Morning

The air is warm and moist and the ground is frozen and cold. Fog results. The muted world seems cozy and gentle on these mornings.

I read in the newspaper today that all of our snow has blown to Valdez, Alaska, where they’ve had 10 feet snow more than usual. Sorry, guys. Here we are looking towards spring. I’m planning some Chicken Keeping Workshops in April and May and will let you know when the details are finalized. If you live here in Eastern, MA, I’ll be doing a free presentation at my local, Chelmsford, Agway on February 25 at 11. I’ll be talking about starting a backyard flock.

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  1. Whoops, wrong spot – the picture is gorgeous. Spring is around the corner!

  2. This really isn’t on the subject of weather, but have I noticed you helping Buffy off the roost on several mornings? Do hens get arthritis?

    • I do help Buffy down every morning! She’s a heavy breed and she’s old. She’s none too graceful on her own and I worry about her. Hens do get arthritis. The other old hens seem to be able to manage getting off the roosts better than her.

      • Being an old hen myself, I can relate to the older girls with their aches and pains! We can’t wait for the warm sunshine.

  3. Poor Buffy, I hope she will feel better with the warmer weather.
    Well, I wanted to share a link with you Terry. I am sure you have already seen it, but is is just so funny that I had to share it with you. It is is of a little Sweddish dwarf rabbit named Champis who likes to herd his owner’s sheep. When I saw the video I immediately thought of Candy and her hens. I am sure she would do the same with a flock of sheep and would love to chase them around too.