Backyard Chickens Print Giveaway!

One of the great pleasures of having the HenCam is that I get to connect with such interesting people. Several years ago I heard from a chicken keeper named Jenny Tiffany in Portland, Oregon. It turns out that not only is she a lovely person, but she is also a talented artist. You can find her work at her shop on Etsy. Her prints are colorful, happy, modern and retro, AND some are of chickens.

Jenny has generously agreed to give a print to the winner of this giveaway! All you have to do is go to her site, decide which image is your favorite, and let me know here in the comments. The winner will get the print of their choice.

The Rules in Fine Print: You can have up to 3 entries: (1) Tell me which print is your favorite – you must do it here on this blog and not on Facebook! (2) Let your Facebook friends know about this contest, come back here and tell me you’ve spread the word and you get a second entry. (3) Spread the word on Twitter, let me know here, and you get a third entry.

The contest closes on Saturday morning, February 4 at 10 AM EST.




  1. while i love her prints, i don’t want to be included in the contest i just wanted to say: these are adorable!!

  2. I liked the “Backyard Chickens in Blue” print…caught my eye when it first appeared. The colors are great.


  3. I can’t decide between the orange or green Backyard Chickens print, they are both so eye catching to me!!

  4. I posted it on FaceBook…..telling everyone to go check out your site Terry.


  5. Very nice prints! I like the Backyard Chickens in blue and the Farm Fresh Eggs in blue. Hope I win!

  6. All of the chicken prints are great. I really like the “In the Trees” print the best. Thanks to both of you!

  7. I like ’em all. But I think I like “Backyard Chickens in Orange” the best. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. barnyard chickens in blue is my favorite
    I watch the gems in the yard video everyday. It is so fun to watch the girls come running to you.

  9. I love the Backyard Chickens in blue. Blue and red are my favorite colors together! I have been reading your blog for over a year now, (I discovered it after buying Tilly Lays an Egg) and I love! After getting our own little flock this August, I think I appreciate your blog even more. Thank you!

  10. Backyard Chickens in Blue Print.

    Thank you Terry for sharing this site with us.

  11. Terry – love the Farmfresh Eggs GREEN print! YUMMY! Her work is just lovely!

  12. Thanks for the give-a-way . . . . Farm Fresh Eggs Red Print! Pick me . . . . Pick me!!!

  13. ooh, ooh, can I have a go? I like the Black Narcissus one – a favourite film of mine. I love a psychotic nun, me.

  14. The Farm Fresh Eggs in green is definitely my favorite! Some other cute ones too that I think I’ll buy! Thanks for the recommendation!

  15. Back Yard Chickens in orange. Thank you for the giveaway. Cute prints :)

  16. In the trees (with woodpecker). Our woodpecker insists on pecking up the telegraph pole very day; so sweet because there cannot be any insects on there but he persists in trying anyway x

  17. Farm fresh eggs in red. If I don’t win I will definitely buy it.

  18. Personally, my favorite is “In The Trees”… very serene and simple, yet so eye catching! She did a wonderful job with the texture! Thanks for sharing this artist with us, Terry.

  19. Oooh, I love the Farm Fresh Eggs in Orange!! How awesome she is from my town, lovely prints on her etsy page!

  20. Oh my gosh she’s from the Pacific Northwest. What fun retro prints. Too many choices and I’ll just have to order some myself too. For our girls, we love the Backyard Chickens in Blue.

  21. I figured it out and Retweeted you. Terry Golson @terrygolson
    Backyard chickens print giveaway!…
    Retweeted by Wendy Scott
    The Crystal Lake Print reminds us of our cabin in the mountains.

  22. I’ve shared on Facebook…lots of fun. And for our last choice; a print very near and dear to our hearts; Visit Seattle Washington, our home town. Thanks so much.

  23. When I saw Backyard Chickens I wondered if Jenny Tiffany is inspired by folk art from Eastern-Europe… Or is it just retro?

  24. I love the “Elementary” print with the silhouette of Watson! The chickens are cute too, as my mom has chickens, but I’m just such a fan of Sherlock homes, I thought that one was cute with the little footprints! Thanks for posting this!

  25. I’ve shared on facebook. Love he prints especially the In The Trees print and the chicken prints. They are all good but I liked the neutrals one best. Always fun to see your competitions

  26. “In the trees” caught my eye at first then “Backyard chickens” in orange and “fresh eggs” in blue, they are all wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway, Terry.

  27. I’d love the Elementary print for my brother (he’s a great Holmes fan)Love the prints, love your site, Terry

  28. I like the In the Trees print! and the green Backyard Chickens. Thanks!

  29. I’ll have to go with the PISCES astrological sign. I might not be able to swing getting hens this year. My niece, who is a hen fan with me, is going to the Peace Corp after graduation this spring!

  30. Maybe because it’s my favorite color and I love chickens, the “Backyard Chickens in Blue” is my favorite with the “In the Tree” image of the woodpecker a very close second.

  31. In the trees print would be my choice. Just love the birds. I like the chicken prints also as my kitchen decor is chickens. Guess I onlly have one entry as I don’t do Facebook or Twitter so here it is.

  32. These are great! I like the “Farm Fresh Eggs” green print. Funny – that’s the one you chose to feature for the giveaway. Thanks Jenny for the opportunity!