A Relaxing Outing With The Goats

It’s a nice afternoon. The goats could use some time outside of their small winter paddock. Come and join us. I’ll put their leashes on – not that I’ll lead them anywhere – the leashes are just in case they need a little direction.

They’re happy to mill around outside of the barn. There’s grass to eat. No trouble to get into.

Caper does, however, have to check out the faucet. It makes a good nose scratching post.

The boys find the herb bed. A bit of a prune won’t hurt the sage. But, don’t eat it down to the ground! And that plant label isn’t the sturdiest thing to rub one’s head on, Caper. Now you’ve bent it.

Perhaps it’d be better if the goats graze in the meadow. To get there we pass the Chinese Beech Tree. No, Caper! Don’t eat the bark! No head scratching, Pip! Good thing I put the leashes on.

It’s peaceful back here.

For few moments, anyway.

The vegetable garden gate is open. No matter. They can’t possibly get into trouble in there. It’s empty.

Oh, no it’s not. I forgot about the overwintering strawberries. Good thing I have a leash on Caper.

What? Is it time to go back already?

Caper knows how to unlatch the door. But, I’ll do it! I don’t want him getting into the habit.

That was relaxing, wasn’t it?


  1. Oh my word, those are some fat, very cute goats! What kind are they? They look like something you just want to squeeze but I imagine one would think twice before doing that!

    • They are Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. The girls are wonderful milkers, but my neutered boys are here solely for fun, and fun they are!

  2. well so Terry, as to Jeri’s comment: do they let you love on them? i’m sure they’d love a head scratching from you, but do they enjoy pets? and they do look pretty fat. is that just cause it’s winter and they store up a bit or is that their healthy normal look?

  3. I think that someone is implying that your “pygmy” goats are piggy goats Terry. But I believe I can relate to Pip and Cape’s winter weight, and will take myself off for a walk this morning. Thanks for sharing your walkabout with the boys. It was delightful!

  4. The goaties get only one flake of hay a day that they share! No grain. No cookies. They do love scratches and attention. Check my YouTube channel to see a video of when they were little and sat in my lap!

    • That doesn’t seem like very much food, and there isn’t much for them to graze on in the yard. They seem to have the same weight problem I have, the need to lose 10 pounds. Poor little goats!

  5. That was truly hilarious Terry! You made me smile this morning! Thank you! So funny! Like trying to take a toddler to a museum….Hee Hee!

  6. We’ve gotten lots of laughs and enjoyment from this post. Are you sure you don’t have a couple of toddler’s in goat costumes? Or liking it to a couple of field trips I went on with our boys while they were in kindergarten to the museum and the gift store after-wards.

  7. There’s something so beautiful about that winter sunlight. And those goats are wonderful subjects!

  8. The goats are just too precious!! Do they still jump up in the air or is that only when they are little? Thank you for sharing them.

  9. I enjoyed all the photos of the goaties. They’re just great. Thank you so much for posting them.

  10. I’ve been a Pip groupie since the “Got Peanuts?” post in Sept of 2010. I still go back and look at it when I need a good smile. But Caper has really come into his own and lives up to his name. Great post. Thanks.