Agatha, Painted

About a month ago, out of the blue, I got an email from a reader in Texas. Jennifer loves animals. In fact, she loves all animals, and is proving that in a concrete way. Jennifer is an artist and she is painting every single one of the 5,000 or so mammalian species known to science. But that’s another story. This story is about how much she loves chickens. She doesn’t have a flock or her own, not yet, and so gets enjoyment from watching my girls. Jennifer is particularly enamored with Agatha (aren’t we all?) She offered to paint Agatha’s portrait. Of course I said yes!

This week, Agatha’s painting arrived, and I immediately hung it in a cheerful spot in my house.

Jennifer has an Etsy shop where you can order portraits of your own chickens. If you don’t have hens, she can paint another one of Agatha for you. Or Buffy. In fact, any of my girls would be happy to model for Jennifer. Candy says that Jennifer can paint her, too, but only if there are no chickens in the painting. And only if Jennifer captures her regal bearing. And she’ll only pose if there are banana chips involved.



  1. She does a very nice job. With the prices though, I think I will have to frame one of my own photos. Agatha will soon be so famous, I hope she doesn’t let it go to her head:-)

  2. What a wonderful work of art, Agatha looks very regal . I have to inquire is anyone’s peak out of joint? Greetings, Julie.

  3. I like the painting of Agatha. It compliments the warm golden toned wall. Jennifer’s talent is evident by the way she has captured Agatha’s essence. Now let’s see if she’ll do one of Candy between both goats.

  4. Terry, It’s been too long but I see you have filled your time with some funny things. The egg molds are a riot. I won’t ask here how you are because anyone able to mold eggs, photograph them and write about them must surely be a happy person.
    The blog looks GREAT as always, ever growing, hatching.
    I’ll write you via email. Much love. h