What Do You Want at HenCam?

It’s been a strangely warm and dry winter. At this time last year we had a foot and half of snow on the ground. This morning I spied green daffodil shoots coming up in the front woodland.

Despite this unseemly weather luring me into complacency (and confusing my flowers), it is January and time to take stock of the previous year and look ahead to the upcoming one. My IT guy and a talented web designer are revamping my HenCam site. In about a month there will be a new look and more content. I’ll have an organized area for chicken keeping FAQs, and a few surprises for you! What do you want to read and see here?

More recipes? By the way, I’m the Cookstr Chef of the Day. They’ve got a few recipes from my cookbook, 1,ooo Lowfat Recipes up.

Do you want more stories about the goings on here? Animal tales?

What chicken keeping information would you like to see?

What about videos? I think I need to make one of how to dose a chicken with olive oil. What else?

Do let me know your ideas. We have a fun year ahead of us.


  1. Hi Terry! Well, I LOVE the animals tales and also when you make something and show us how you do it. The pics of nature around your farm are also one of my favorites. I don’t know how you can improve “perfection”? But whatever you do ..I will love it! P.S. I would like to see a “Coop Cleaning Demo”!

  2. I love just about everything you write about. But I would love more how to information – like how to dose with olive oil as you have suggested. I found your first aid kit really valuable. I like to prepared for an emergency and when it comes to chickens I haven’t had many yet (knocking on wood).

  3. I would love to see a starter’s guide to keeping chickens. What you should have on hand, before the chickens get there. Such as food, (brand names would help) medical supplies, cleaning supplies? Things like that. Also, good guide lines for what you want in a coop. Things to think about predator proofing that coop.

    I’d love to keep chickens once we move, Hopefully in the next year. And I have no idea where to start. There are tons of websites to read, but most are blog form. I’ve yet to find all the info I need to start, in one organized place.

    And of course, I’d love to hear more animals tales for your place. :)


  4. good morning! i enjoy all the info you share about your chickens and have gotten so much info from your archieves as well.not having chickens yet.. right now i feel like i did when i was pregnant(is it called nesting?) getting very excited,and want to be prepared in every way before the big day.(like marian was suggesting), and planning out the coop! when i initially started looking into coops online,craigslist, he mentioned he could deliver the coop with 5 chicks.i just couldn’t wrap my head around that idea since i knew nothing about chickens at that time.i want to provide a happy and healthy home for my chickens..also love the pictures of your farm and watching the different seasons..

  5. less commentary. it irks me when people toot their own horn all the time. it makes me want to forget about hencam. i do like the pictures and the how to info.

    • Geez, that sounds really harsh! I think your blog is great. Keep the commentary coming:)

    • Yes, if you don’t like it please do forget about hencam. If you want to look at pics of chickens use google images.

  6. Hi Terry. Info or videos on how to catch a chicken (I’m still having trouble!), how to deal with injuries, feather pecking, a broody hen and treating lice, just for starters! Photos of your garden is always lovely, as is pics of Lily, Scooter, the Beast and of course the girls and boys. Also info on how to build your compost heap and how to compost all the poop I have! Keep up the good work x

  7. Like someone else said for a comment….I don’t know how you can improve perfection. But for my suggestion…I like it when you show anything to do with cooking. Plus anything to do with your farm, hens out in yard free ranging, your yard and nature walks. More family pictures would be nice. Whatever you decide and do is fine with me. I’m sure we’ll enjoy it all!

  8. more stories and animal tales! your site’s instructional for my chicken-keeping future and escapism for now.

  9. How exciting. I love your tales of the farm – I can live vicarously through you that way. But I’d also love to see more recipes, especially those for eggs and breakfast items. I adore eggs and often eat breakfast for dinner. Looking forward to the new look.

  10. I love everything about your HenCam and feel you have just the right amount of mix. I enjoy reading about all aspects of life on Little Pond Farm, and your pictures are beautiful!

  11. I also agree that your website is really great already. More recipes would never be a bad thing..especially the lowfat healthy options etc…I love all the stories and your writings of the happenings at your farm. Keep up the great work..it is such a fun part of the day to tune in and watch the animals! :)

  12. Hi Terry I love your hencam! Can’t wait for the new look, I would love to have more info on keeping goats. what you feed,maintance like hoof trimming, shots, ect. maybe a video on it? keep up the good work!

  13. I love your descriptions! I like seeing pictures of you taking your chickens and goats places!

    I’d love more about your training your goats to follow that cue-thinggee.

    More videos…although I don’t have chickens, and I don’t see myself getting them anytime soon, someday I’d like to, and, well, it’s interesting seeing how you bath and care for your ill birds!

    I also enjoy the silly or strange, or just odd, but appealing photos, like your boots, the mushy pumpkins, pretty branches, etc.

  14. The HenCam brightens my day. My husband doesn’t understand why, when I could look out the window at my own chickens, I love to watch yours. I can’t explain it, I just know it makes me smile. Thank you for sharing your expertise, stories, recipes, animals, and photos. Most of all, thank you for the smiles.

  15. Videos of the Polish being silly ? Or how you trim their feathers. Anything Polish will do for me, be it pictures or videos. Anything else I welcome, i love any of your posts.

  16. First, I have daffodils popping up my yard too!!!

    Second, I love reading all your posts. They generally bring a smile, memories or turn the light bulb on.

    Third, love your recipes. I’ve actually tried several. Would love to know how you cook chicken soup (don’t tell the hens though). Since the tornado last April when my world was turn competely around and I sold my white rock flock (used culls for soups) and decided just to go with my pet flock I’ve had to buy stewing hens. I know it’s in my head but my chicken-n-dumplings I made last Sunday didn’t seem to taste as good.

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy it.

    • Ken, you’re not imagining things. Chicken soup made with an 8-wk old supermarket bird (that’s how old the chicken is at slaughter – not length of time on the shelf!) has no flavor. There are some tricks though to using them…

  17. all your new ideas r great, any info on caring for these beautiful girls, would be greatly appreciated. u got my interest in chickens in the first place, when u were on martha stewart, i have been hooked ever since that moment. Looking forward to your new blog and love that hen cam. thanks robyn

  18. I love your blog and check in at least once a day. Could the HenCam be streamed, instead of moving kind of chopped up? I hope you know what I mean – I’m not at all techy! I’d love to hear the audio with the Hen Cam too. Nothing sweeter than the sound of clucking, cooing and a few goat “meh’s” thrown in. Thank you for your delightful website!!

    • Oh, Terry, if you could add audio to the webcam I would probably never leave my computer!

      • No audio in the works, but Steve has been figuring out how to have smoother video. The problem is that the answer is either very expensive, or I have to use one of those services with the intrusive ads. He thinks he’s got a third way to go – he’s working on it!

  19. I suppose it’s not very helpful to tell you to just keep doing what you are doing; it’s why I visit every single day, if you’re asking for suggestions. I do think you keep a really good balance of how to’s, animal stories, humor, and everything else. Your photos are great and I love watching your girls and boys. Mary in Indiana did have a good idea though. Do you think IT-Steve could manage “what she said”?

    Can’t wait to see your new look. How exciting!

  20. You all have been terrifically helpful! (And complimentary. I’m blushing.) I do enjoy writing about the fun/chaotic/sweet things that happen with my animals. With your encouragement I’ll do more! The new site will have a place for all of the chicken keeping advice, so that will be organized and easily searchable, and I’ve a list of FAQs that I plan to write and add. I’m enlisting my teenage son’s help with videos. iMovie is a struggle for me, but with his assistance maybe I can get more out. I also promise more recipes in the future. And I know everyone likes giveaways. Lots to do!

  21. I visit every day too, Terry. Since I am a beginner to hens, I would love sometime ‘a day in the life of a keeper of a flock’ – what to do each day. It must be almost a rhythm of activities. And then what needs doing each week, and each month – just to make sure that every need is met! My very first peeps will come in April – coop is almost complete.

  22. love your blog . Any chance your egg cookbook will be available again?

    Any help cleaning a coop ie roost in the winter would be great I am using wood chips on floor and can’t compost as it is 10 below and will be cold for several more months here in Alaska

  23. More videos of advanced chicken keeping, dosing them, other remedies. More animal tales….so entertaining, I really love reading your stories.

  24. I love the mix of funny stories, great information, pictures, food, and other general inspiration–I really enjoy all of it. I’m excited about the searchable chicken keeping advice, as I hope to refer to lots of it when I get my own flock someday!

  25. hi terry,i would like to see some videos and chicken advice is always good but other than that its realy the best blog i have ever read i love everything about it:)

  26. I would love a tutorial on blowing eggs–Tools you use and rinsing techniques and how to sterilize/treat the insides etc. I am looking forward to your updated website.

  27. Love your site as it is! I only keep up with three blogs and yours is one. It’s always nice to know, that of the three, you are the most diligent about posting something every day, so I always read yours first. I often make notes on your medical treatments for the chickens, there have been times I’ve wished there was a list of treatments with an index. You just mentioned how to give olive oil to a chicken . . . er, uh . . .why? But probably by next week I’ll be needing to give olive oil to a chicken and not remember why or how–haha! I’ve learned so much from you. Most importantly, as much as I love them, I’ve learned why I don’t need goats. My husband appreciates you for that. Thanks for all you do, I love your site!

  28. I love your comments. I feel a real sense of community among you and your readers. I too look at your web cams a couple of times a day even though I have hens of my own. I would love more about composting and gardening. How about a garden cam?
    Have you let the hen cam girls back into the compost since they are laying less anyway?

  29. I too love your blog just as it is. I follow 3 but always look at yours first every day and yours is the only one I comment on. You also get many more comments than any other which speaks for itself and I always read them all. I too like the sense of community it gives.I also thought one harsh comment to be ignored, I think!
    As I am getting my hens in spring, I too would appreciate any information on coop cleaning and regular chores. Whatever you choose to do I will continue to enjoy, many thanks.

  30. We love your site and the immense amount of information we gain from all through your blog. You’ve been a wonderful long distance friend and confidant. Words and thoughts of encouragement giving us different perspectives to ponder about; beautiful pictures that tell a thousand words. You help with our fears, share in our tears and laugh with us during our greater times of fun. We have the HenCam constantly running on one of our computers or iPad; our girls when visiting inside have even been know to watch. Would love to participate in a long distance Skype learning session. Love all of the suggestions given so far; keep up the fabulous work and we look forward to the new releases. Thank you.

  31. Hi Terry,

    I watch your site every day! It’s my touchstone, the place that settles me. Would like to see a series of egg recipes, and of course they’re endless! I collect egg cookbooks, and know eggs are such perfect food, and make a nice partnership with pet chickens (no one makes the ultimate sacrifice). Also, I enjoy seeing the inter-play of animals and the garden, their enthusiasm for the natural landscape, and the ways they make use of plants, their interest in water, and insect hunting skills. More pictures of your vegetable garden would really be welcome, developments from spring through summer! Goat walks are always interesting, the plants they relish (mint!), and their natural curiosity for anything elevated, like furniture, rocks, mountains! And fo course, lots more about Candy. I know she can be a bit static, but that’s just because she’s thinking great thoughts. I guess I’d like to see more of everything! Thanks for all your effort — Judith

  32. I love everything about Candy, the bunny! Could she have a bunny cam?

  33. I really enjoy your blog and all the information you share. I particularly like the photos of the changing seasons in the countryside and on the farm as I live in England and it is interesting to compare. Your information has helped me to care for my chickens and is always entertaining. Would love to know more about blowing eggs! Thank you

  34. I love it all. It is the first thing I check to start my day. My husband always asked how are the chickens today and what is the weather. Thanks for a great blog.

  35. Stories and more stories with photos! Love them so much. Just wondering if it would be possible to enlarge your typeface ever so slightly? It’s a bit small and can be hard to read. I’ve really enjoyed your blog this past year and am looking forward to another twelve months!

  36. I feel the same way as most here….it’s perfect just the way it is!

  37. I am greatly enjoying your blog, as is.
    I don’t view the webcams much.
    I do value your words of wisdom, especially the stuff the books don’t tell you (e.g. dealing with illness, need to euthanise – hard stuff). It helped me to know I wasn’t the only one, even if I wasn’t as brave about it as you. I value all the practical stuff e.g. soft egg shells, predators, dealing with Girls who Bitch, introducing new Girls, will my Girls DIE if it gets cold (…no) etc.
    I value the insight into your day-to-day husbandry as sometimes it can get lonely – just me, the dawn and a bucket load of chicken sh*t. It’s nice to know there’s someone else out there, even if you are across The Pond.
    A live Q&A section might be good. If it could be live – you know, like those sites that invite you to click a “live-chat” button – it would be BRILLIANT. Of course, it could only be, say, once per week at a given time, and as I am in the UK this would doubtless mean I would have to get up in the middle of the night *sigh*.

    My first question would be: RATS. What do I DO about rats…?? xxxx

    • I haven’t had a rat problem. Lily is a Rat Terrier, and she lives up to her name! So far, as far as I know, she’s been more of a “mouse terrier.”

  38. I’ve read this suggestion already but, compost ideas and more chicken keeping stories. Would love to see a video or read a post about how you train your girls to be handled. Thanks for all your effort and time in updating your blog.

  39. How about a bat house? What better way to compliment chicken keeping than nature’s mosquito control? In florida, it’s ‘pert near’ a year round battle and unfortunately mosquitos love chickens. Anyway, they have their funny little ways, too and might make for some good writing. One bat + one hour = 1200 less mosquitos. Take care.

    • We have bats in our attic – which we’re very happy about. White nose disease is decimating the bat population, and we’ve noticed a decline. We’ve also put up bat houses, but the fisher cats ripped them down!

  40. Here’s another vote for the stories!

    Loved the latest post- Candy’s Bad Weather Day. My all-time favorite is the visit to the farmland that became a wilderness preserve- reading that one is just as good as a guided meditation.

    Also- really fond of the photographs! Especially the recent one of the white bantam hen (Coco?) Keep up the great work.

  41. Love the animal stories!!! And love all the chicken info…I log on every day to see how Candy is doing and of course all the chickens. The story on Candy was GREAT!!! I love getting to know all the animals personalities. Do more stories on each animal so we can get to know them even better. (Just an idea)Keep up the great work…I love your site! And my kids do too!