Scooter’s Birthday

Lily is not an easy dog to live with. I adopted her when she was somewhere around 7 months old. My best guess is that she’s a giant Rat Terrier with a little Border Collie mixed in.

She is hyper-vigilant, alarmist and sure that everyone she knows is capable of conniving plots. Not exactly a relaxing animal to have around. But, those traits also make her a good farm dog. (Isn’t it true that often our most difficult aspects are also our strengths?) She chases hawks out of the sky, keeps deer out of the yard, and kills mice. I’ve always liked having smart animals and Lily is a genius dog. She is fun to train. But, after a few years of having her, I knew that she could use a dog friend. I couldn’t get another dog with emotional baggage, so I needed a pup. Also, I prefered a smaller dog so that both could fit into my car.

On Petfinder I came across what looked like a corgi-mix who had just given birth to three pups.

The puppies and mama were in a loving foster home. I picked that cute one in the middle.

Scooter turned into a dog that was nothing like I expected, but has exceeded all expectations.

I thought that he’d grow up to be about 20 pounds. He tops out at 10 1/2 – dad must have been a Chihuahua. I thought that he was a terrier/herding mix and would have that feisty personality. Scooter is a toy dog, through and through. Scooter is a lap dog, but he also has that Chihuahua peskiness.  He pesters Lily to stop being so vigilant and to play with him. He bites her feet, he gets her to do crazy zoomies. That’s his job. It’s a big one and exhausting. Scooter needs a lot of cozy sleeptime.

He is a dog of little brain but loving heart.

Happy Fifth Birthday, Scooter!


  1. Happy birthday Scooter, one of the most adorable dogs on the planet.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOOTER! Wondering, does Scooter have any contact with the hens?

    • Of course. Scooter will get meat. Though small, he is convinced that kibble is for wusses and he should have beef every night.

  3. Thinking of our Louie, also a hard dog to live with! He followed two wonderful Labs and was adopted as a dachshund/English bull cross. I was thinking thirty pounds, but now, at 6 months, he is pushing 50. I think the dachshund must have been a doberman (all “D” dogs are alike, you know).

    His personality swings from cuddly and sweet(best friend when you are on the couch) to the wild man who steals and eats anything he can get his lips on and thinks the family room couch is his personal trampoline! He thinks our King Charles Cavalier is a stuffed animal to be dragged around by her ears. Can’t wait for puppyhood to pass!

  4. Happy Birthday Scooter! You haven’t changed a bit – still as cute as you were as a puppy.

  5. Now then, what are you calling a rat terrier? Would that be a Jack Russel? That’s what’s traditionally used for ratting over here; I’m sure Scooter thinks he’s a Rottweiler inside… tell him happy birthday from me, and give his ears a pull.

    • Ratties aren’t Jack Russels (now called Parson Russels, except for those who insist on the former name.) Ratties are an American breed, begun in the south. Thinner and leggier, but still small, but great ratters. Similar terrier personality, though. Then, there are ratties called “Giant Deckers” and Lily is a dead ringer for those. Basically, a rat terrier but big.

      • ooh, now over here the Parson Jack Russel is the longer legged show-dog version of the Jack Russel, and was bred to run with horses (I think) and dig foxes. Can’t trust either of ’em round hens or cats though!

  6. Happy birthday little Scooter! He is one cute dog, especially the ‘Queen Anne’ legs :o).

  7. Happy Birthday Scooter!

    I just wanted to let you know I made the pistachio apricot biscotti from your cook book – YUM!! I have never made biscotti before. Homemade is so much better!

  8. Happy B-day Scooter!

    We have 3 dogs,(just lost our 10 year old Beagle) 2 Lab mixes and an American Foxhound. The Foxhound is the most challenging -she is more cartoon dog than anything but is also stubborn and independent…I call her the teenager!

    So true about the difficulties being strengths.

  9. Happy Birthday Scooter!!!
    I adopted my “Spikey” chihuahua mix at age 10…he is now 13. He is the love of my life! 21 teeth removed at adoption, heart murmur plus other medical issues! I love him and will do whatever I can to give the best quality of life for the rest of his years!