The Poultry Show

This weekend I made a 200 mile roundtrip to go here:

It’s the biggest poultry show in the Northeast. At least I think it is. How could it not be? Here’s another view:

These birds are bathed, primped and trained to look good for the judges. The judges handle each and every entry.

I walk the rows, seeing what birds the judges have awarded first places to. I try to improve my eye.

As much as I enjoy the mind-boggling selection of poultry, what I most enjoy is seeing all of the children. There’s a junior showmanship division. There are big kids,

and little.

There are kids walking around, holding chickens. This rooster fell asleep snuggled in his boy’s arms.

And this boy came to meet me and have his book signed!

I met up with friends that I know through blogging. It was good to chat in person. But my favorite conversation of the day was with this goose. He had a lot to say.

It was a very good day.


  1. A very good day, indeed. I love your pictures. The roo sleeping in the boys arms looks just beautiful. And that goose looks like he had a lot to tell you. I won’t ask you to share the conversation. Geese are very private people :)

  2. Loved the pictures, especially of rooster asleep in his boy’s arms

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the day. Just how sweet is that photo of the young boy and his rooster, wonderful!

  4. I love the white hen, but my favorite picture is of the little girl showing the back side of her chicken. What a proud expression on her face!

  5. What kind of (sleeping) rooster is the boy holding? Thanks for all the pictures.

  6. I would love to go to a real chicken show! The local ones are all broilers! boring. I love the pictures I saw a lot of bantam breeds that I’ve never seen before, would you consider putting more pics up on your site or facebook?

  7. Thanks so much for posting this! I love the kids showing their chickens….too cute.
    I missed our local poultry show this year due to my wife’s illness, so it was great to see another show on your blog.
    Did you enter any of your chickens?

  8. the little girl displaying her chicken so proudly with that little semi-smile on her face is too cute! i see a future Terry :)

  9. All the pictures are wonderful but the one that stopped me was the little boy with “Tillie…”. For just a second I thought there was a time warp and it was Jordan. The hair, the cheeks and the overall expression are just what I remember. :)

  10. I love the lil boy bringing his book to be signed! He had to plan ahead to do this, and the look of anticipation on his face is priceless. You are obviously an idol in his eyes.

  11. What a treat! The first thing I thought was ‘The noise!’ Do they crow when they are in the cages? How was it with your new hearing?

    • The noise! Honking, crowing, clucking and turkey feather rattling (if you’ve ever seen a tom do his display you’ll know what I’m talking about.) But, when I came home the first thing I said to Steve was, “it’s so much better now that I can hear.” It was noisy with my hearing aids, too, but I couldn’t distinguish voices from the cacophony. This time I heard the poultry and the people.

  12. The world would be so different if every child had the opportunity to learn how to care for animals as the children pictured. In Albuquerque, one family who breeds goats is encouraging 4-H members, who don’t have room to keep an animal, to foster a kid for the year. They will provide everything including the training for $5.00 a year.

  13. I loved the pictures and I am happy that you enjoyed a great time… and could hear all of the excitement!!
    Your blog always brings such a huge smile to my face!

  14. Loved this. The only poultry shows I have been to are the county fair. Now that I have chickens, I love hearing the roos all calling to each other, and from the other denizens of the poultry barn, the quacks, the gobbles and the honks. The bunnies are also in with the poultry but they are quiet. One of my favorite things is that the kids have to wear white shirts (and the boys, ties). Very pro and good for them to rise to a dress standard, along with spiffing up their birds. I am so glad you got to hear everything this year!

  15. What wonderful pictures. Would love to go next year. I am sure you have seen the Scratch & Peck blog also about this show. If Donatella Versace did chickens……

  16. I love the poultry shows as well. I make a point of going to see them at the fair every year. I wish I could find a division that lets adults show birds. I know 4-H has one but nothing close to me. I have a gorgeous Andulusian that I would love to show!