Candy’s Bad Weather Day

There was snow on the ground in the morning. Which should have made the rabbit happy.

But as the dark ebbed it was obvious that it was going to be a nasty-weather day of wet snow and fat, cold, not-quite raindrops. Candy waited, impatiently, gnawing the wire at the hutch’s door and ringing her bell. She does not, ever, pee in her house. She waits for the human to come and open up her door and put down the ramp. She is not a particularly cheerful bunny in the morning.

She perks up after she does her business by the fence. It doesn’t matter what the weather, that’s her morning routine. Those of us who have to have a cup of coffee before being civil can relate.

Next, she greets the hens. Or, I like to say, her minions. On good days, she joins them in the morning scramble for the handful of treats that I toss. Sometimes she hops up their ramp and positions herself in the pop-door so that they can’t get out of the coop. That’s the sense of humor that she has.

On days like this, she goes inside to her favorite spot, where she can keep an eye on everyone but they can’t trod on her. Her expression is inscrutable, but her behavior shows that Candy does like the company of chickens.

The miserable weather continued. All of the hens stayed indoors. But Candy, in her thick fur coat (and abundant layer of fat) spent some time gnawing at the pumpkin. After all, a rabbit does get bored and hungry.

At the end of the day the chickens go on their roost and Candy goes back outside, once again, waiting on the human. When she sees me she runs up the ramp and waits at the door for her banana chip. I must have two for her. Candy scarfs down the first one, then looks for the second in her bowl. If that second chip isn’t there, she’ll have a hissy fit – which entails bell ringing and head jabs. Bunnies are not always inscrutable. While she eats, I latch her door, keeping her safe and sound until tomorrow.



  1. What a sweet story; love the pictures their captions, interactions and thoughts.

  2. Ah Candy lives the good life. I will say, I logged onto your webcam the other night and if that pumpkin didn’t look like a chicken. I gasped. I thought one had been left out in the cold and perished. I squinted and looked and looked again and finally determined that it must be a pumpkin treat in their yard. Whew…

  3. Love this! We are getting chicks in a couple of months and I have to say that after reading this, I’m tempted to put our two young rabbits outside with the chickens after all parties have a chance to grow up a bit.

  4. HiTerry!
    Have you seen the web site Disapproving Rabbits? Candy would certainly be a star on that site. Loved today’s blog.

  5. My girl Candy! I love this story. Love her grumpy, little face in the second picture too. I can relate!

  6. Oh. Heh. I guess I wasn’t the only one. I looked in yesterday and thought the pumpkin was a hen. I was quite upset!

  7. This is why I love your blog. Brings a smile to my face.
    If a I may share a story on a rabbit. My cousine who could train a snake to sit and beg had a house rabbit. She would take the rabbit out into the backyard and when they came back in the rabbit would “wipe” (a rapid scratching movement)her front feet on the rug. HILARIOUS!

  8. Candy is quite the Grand Dame, isn’t she? Love the stories about the banana chips and the pop-up door. Without anthropomorphizing too much, I do think some animals have a sense of humor. It is a delight when you find one.

  9. Thank you for sharing the Candy story and photos. I just love that rabbit and had no idea our Miss Candy was so darn smart and such a wee little prima donna too. Good for her!

  10. Terry,
    What an awesome blog today! I think that Candy would make a great character for your next children’s book. You did a wonderful job of capturing her personality and “Candyisms”. Thanks for the laughs!

  11. Yes, Candy is a excellent Disapproving rabbit. And the Disapproving Rabbits website finally has a new ruler…..King Dougal. While he can never replace Queen Cinnamon, it is nice a new young rabbit’s adventures on the site.

  12. candy is quite the star in her own right, and well deserving of the honor. Have a great weekend!! and looking forward to more candyisms

  13. Loved this entry. Please more “creature features”. We can’t have chickens where I live and I’ve always wanted to have a backyard flock. So thank you for this website, it gives me a fix I just can’t get from a book.

  14. Long ago and far away in Michigan I had 2 angora bunny sisters, Peaches and Cream Puff. They lived in my basement studio where they ate yarn labels, begged for granola and in general were very happy, free roaming girls. Love that Candy!!

  15. I enjoyed reading about Candy and her ways. All these animals have their unique personalities. I love watching Candy interact with the hens. She is definitely the alpha amongst the gals. I am glad to know more about her. Keep writing these great stories and updates.

  16. she has so much personality! i had no idea bunnies could be so entertaining and independent and endearing.

  17. Terry, Thanks so much for this. I just can’t get enough about Candy! I think it’s the combination of having her in such an interesting and dynamic setting, with companions, and adventures, and attitudes — yes, that bunny has attitude!

  18. What a lovely post! Found your blog through Madcitychickens. Will be reading some of your blog posts to my daughter!