Bainbridge Farm Goods Sign Giveaway!!!

Just when I was mulling over what my next giveaway contest would be the talented people at Bainbridge Farm Goods contacted me. Lucky day! I adore their colorful, funky, retro-inspired and yet totally modern farm signs.

The winner of this contest will have their pick of a Bainbridge Farm Goods Sign. Don’t have chickens? Then I suggest the Be the Black Sheep sign. All you have to do to enter is to look over their catalog and let me know which is your favorite sign. Please, one entry per person here on this blog. Want an extra chance? Enter a second time on FaceBook (please leave your comment on this post so I can keep track of everyone!)

The contest will run until 10 pm EST on Wednesday, December 7.


Update: the contest is now closed. However, Bainbridge Farm Goods is offering a special 25% discount to readers of HenBlog! Just type HAPPYFARMER when checking out! Offer good through December 14, 2011.


  1. I love the Fresh Strawberries sign. They are so cute, thanks for the giveaway Terry.

    • I love the Happy Chicken sign, thanks for the give away-Happy Holidays!

  2. I lv the Organic Eggs sign! Thanks for the giveaway, they are so much fun!

  3. I like the Organic eggs, chocolate, tho the goat sign is cute!!
    (entering on FB :) )

  4. Any of the “Fresh Eggs” or “Organic Eggs” signs. They’re all delightful!

  5. With so many delightful signs, how does one choose only one! We are known in the area for our handmade painted barn quilts and these would fit right in with the character of our red barn! If I had to choose one though it would be “Pumpkin Patch”. =)

  6. I see the sign shown comes in orange, purple and red too but I like the green one shown the best (fresh eggs from happy chickens’. I would want the ‘organic’ one but I’m not sure I can keep feeding my organic feed as I get more chickens…Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these cute signs!

  7. Oh my gosh, how cute and with all their signs its so hard to choose. Our girls would love to have the Organic Eggs in chocolate on their coop. Thanks for the giveaway and I’m checking in for FaceBook too.

  8. I love the sign pictured.

    I have exiting news, after two years of being a virtual chicken keeper I am planning on getting chicken’s in the spring. I have learned so much from your blog and the comment’s that I feel ready now. Can’t wait and can’t stop thinking about chicken’s.

  9. I have to say “Organic Eggs – Brown” is my favorite because the chicken is like my lovely Barred Rocks – I’ve been admiring these signs for a while and would love one! Thanks for your timely, a lot of times, and entertaining site!

  10. Super fun signs! I would probably go for the fresh eggs from Happy Chickens . . . .nothing better then happy animals. :)

  11. They are all great, though my favorite has to be the fresh, organic vegetables (white) sign. I may have only a tiny patch of garden, but that is EXACTLY how I feel about the things I grow.

  12. These are great signs. I like the Happy Chickens Grennfrom-happy-chickens-green. I also posted on FB.

  13. I love the chicken sign and that will be perfect once we have our chickens…in the meantime, we are getting bees in April so I also like the Natural Raw Honey sign.

  14. I loved the orange sign that said “Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens”. It reminds me of my little “mamas”.

  15. I’ll go with the Black Sheep. I’ve always been kind of a contrarian.

  16. I love the Black Sheep sign–and where have these been all these years? They’re all great.

  17. Great giveaway!

    And even though I have chickens, I’d like the ‘Be the Black Sheep’ sign.

  18. I LOVE your blog so much!!! It is so fun to read and it has helped me so much in my new chicken raising endeavor! Thanks so much for the contest opportunity! I love all of the signs, but I think my favorite is the fresh eggs yellow sign.:) Take care!

  19. I don’t have chickens, but I’m a knitter. I like the Black Sheep sign.

  20. With so many signs to choose from it’s hard to pick just one. Since my coop is names Poulet Palais I would choose the Les Poules for a sign. It would look great in there. What fun!! Thanks for the chance to win it. I do enjoy your blog.

  21. “Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens” in red. Even if I don’t win, I’ll have to get one of their signs. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  22. Terry,
    I am going with your suggestion…”Be the black sheep” sign is super it!
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  23. I would lobe the “pure organic honey” sign… We have chickens as well, but my husband is the beekeeper around here and he would love to unwrap it for Christmas!

  24. Thank you for hosting this! I love the “Be the Black Sheep” sign.
    Happy Holidays!

  25. My favorite is the Fresh eggs from happy hens in purple. That would look too cute on my coop!!

  26. I like the Fresh Organic Egg-Eggplant. I like the traditional looking chicken on the sign.

  27. I love them all. But the “from happy chickens” are tops for me.

  28. I like the Fresh Strawberries sign but if I won I’d get the Fresh Eggs from happy Chickens sign for my sister-in-law :)

  29. As a former big-time shepherd (40+ years ago) the “Be the Black Sheep” sign would suit me just fine although they’re all pretty charming!

  30. I like the blue Fresh Eggs sign with the black chicken. They should also make a maple syrup sign. I’d want of those too!

  31. The Heirloom & Cherry Tomatoes is my favorite, with Black Sheep running a close second.

  32. I would have to go with the Black Sheep sign.

    Terry, I found someone at work that has adult chickens and Im going to visit. I am so excited! Bobbie from Utah

  33. How fun! Sign me up for “Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens (organic-lime green)…..Mama needs a cute sign!!!!!!

  34. The orange “fresh eggs from happy chickens” just got put on my Christmas wish list. My girls would love it for their coop!

  35. My favorite is the “Les Poules sign”. Don’t have chickens but my new neighbor has 8 and I love talking to the girls: Pearl,Gigi,Ivy,Daisy,Violet,Bonnie and the twins.

  36. Fresh eggs from happy chickens in red would be my favorite, but they’re ALL so cute! Thanks for the giveaway, Terry, I really enjoy your blog.

  37. Fresh eggs yellow—-pic is my favorite. This would make an awesome gift to one of my friends for Christmas. She has chickens and this would be perfect on the wall or door.


  38. I like the organic eggs sign, just cause my girls are organic but they are all really cute. Betsy

  39. “Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens” in green! Those people at Bainbridge Farm Goods know what they are doing, because if I don’t win one, I might just have to buy one as a Christmas gift for my daughter, the crazy chicken girl!

  40. Ooooo, I want the Organic Eggs in Chocolate sign on page 2.

    But honestly, they are all totally adorable and any one would look awesome on my coop.

  41. It’s so hard to choose just one . . . but I think my favorite one is page 3 fresh eggs – light blue . . . Thanks for the give-a-way . . . .

  42. How CUTE! My favorite one is the brown “Organic eggs”-chocolate 0n page 2. Thanks for all the fun posts and entertaining hen cam. I enjoy it everyday.

  43. Fresh Eggs – yellow is just such a lovely sign for my chickens to be proud to be hanging on the coop.

  44. i love the Fresh Eggs sign w/green background and puple writing! it’s inspiring me ! not set up yet for chickens..have a plan in mind on how we can convert our garden shed into a coop with an additional run.whimsacal with great colors would be wonderful for the “ladies”! thank you for sharing

  45. Honey… blueberries… eggs… Who can choose just one? They’re all so flippen cute! I would love to have any one of these hanging up in my kitchen. =)

  46. Cute! I love the Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens in green. Our ladies are pretty happy, so it would look darling on their coop!

  47. Oh, I’ve admired their signs for so long, but just can’t afford one. I love the Fresh Eggs – light blue sign. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!!!

  48. I love all the Fresh Egg signs, ’cause they are way better than the homemade ones hanging on my fence. But if I could pick one for free, I would definitely choose the Be the Black Sheep sign. It is ME.

  49. My fav is fresh eggs- yellow. I have to say all the signs are cute especially the black sheep one.

  50. Heirloom and Cherry Tomatoes
    I grow a large variety of tomatoes and this sign would have a great home.

    Thank you.

  51. I like a lot of them, but I’ll go with “Be the Black Sheep”. I have a feeling I’m one of the few people here who doesn’t raise animals (except dogs and cats). I’m doing that vicariously through the cams here.

  52. My favorite is Les Poules in chocolate. All of them are nice and it was hard narrowing it down to one.

  53. I like “Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens” any color. My chickens would like to be recognized for their work:)

  54. Our 14 chickens and 8 ducks like the “Fresh eggs from Happy Chickens” sign…in green.

  55. I like Be a Black Sheep. Thanks Terry , for your blog, I’m looking at it throughout the day.

  56. great giveaway! i have four happy chickens in my back yard. loving the ‘fresh eggs from happy chickens’ in red. thank you.

  57. I’d love the Fresh Eggs in Eggplant! Just spent yesterday catching up on your blog, and then promptly placed my order for spring chicks from Meyer.

  58. Oh my, what a great sign company! LOVE them.

    If I have to choose, I think the Fresh Eggs, yellow sign would look great on my coop!

    Thanks Terry!

  59. I really like the Fresh Eggs sign in light blue. What a fun contest!

  60. I like both the Fresh Eggs in light blue and the Organic Vegetables signs. Too cute!

  61. My favorite is the Purple Fresh eggs from Happy chickens! They all are super cute though!

  62. I just made some crusty French bread, so I like the Fresh Eggs – Provence blue sign and I also like the drawing of the chicken.

  63. Wow! A giveaway I actually LOVE! I’d say “Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens” orange would best fit my chicken coop motif!
    They are all very cool. I like the retro look. Thanks for doing this!
    David & the chickens/ :-)
    & Mary Marco Marie de la Boca de Gato

  64. This is so much fun! I like them all but I guess if I have to pick one it’d be the Fresh Organic Veggies in Chocolate. I love my gardens as well as my chickens. Heck, I’m just happy to be alive!

  65. Question is how to choose! Black sheep is my new favorite, love them all!

  66. Terry – Love the blog, love the signs. The Organic Fresh Eggs in Eggplant is the best. Dan (UK) proud keeper of Bronte (Speckledy), Drew (Oxford Brown), Alex (Oxford Brown) and Jean D’Arc (Amber).

  67. I enjoy your hencam and blog, it makes me smile. I would really love to win the “Be the Black Sheep” sign.

  68. LOVING them all, but my favorite is the fresh eggs from Happy chickens. I love my happy chickens!

  69. Love the Green “Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens” and it would look great on my coop. Thanks so much, Jodi and the Happy Hens of Humboldt – Graciella, Henny Penny, Pedro, Nellie, Audrey, and Angelica.

  70. I guess it would be the black ‘fresh eggs’ sign. Although I love the black sheep one too.

  71. the signs are great!!! enter my in the give away..Would love to have any one share with me any other chicken sites that has unique chicken items.

  72. Augh! How to decide!! I think my favorites are “Farm Fresh Eggs-eggplant” and “Be the Black Sheep”.

  73. Love watching your Hen Cam! Want to get my own chickens in the spring! My favorite sign is the red Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens.

  74. I love the purple Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens sign! Three of the chicks that I started on July 25th layed their first eggs today!!!

  75. I love these signs, Terry, and I’ve been looking for a perfect one for awhile. Wonder if they’d custom make a Fresh Eggs from Happy Ducks sign?

  76. I like the fresh eggs in eggplant. I would like the light blue one better if the chicken looked less like a rooster.

  77. I like the fresh eggs from happy chickens for sure in orange or green. What a fun giveaway!

  78. It has to be the classic green Fresh eggs from happy chickens! It just says it all.

  79. i really like the “les poules” sign or the green “fresh eggs from happy chickens” sign. they are both awesome!

  80. The Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens-Red is my favorite. Love the bright, happy colors!

  81. I’m torn!!!! I love the be a black sheep but I equally love the fresh organic vegetables-chocolate background. I just love that shade of brown.

    I would love to win either but I have to say I liked all the signs. They were so cute.

  82. Great signs, thanks for the chance and introduction to this company. I would have to choose the Provence Blue sign. Thanks.

  83. I love them all! I guess either the fresh organic eggs one in lime or the heirloom and cherry tomatoes one.

  84. I like the “fresh eggs from happy chickens” – red sign. Thanks for the give away!

  85. These are the cutest ever! The black sheep one would have to be my favorite but I collect chicken things also. Sent this link to fellow sheep/chicken folks.

  86. Hi, I just made a comment on your FB page for a 2nd entry.

  87. I have to go with the ‘Be the black sheep’ -it just describes me so well ! What a great give-away idea, Terry!

  88. Those are some cool signs. Since I don’t (yet) have my own chickens or bees or blueberries, I would go with “be the black sheep”. Thanks!

  89. I like the Organic Eggs sign the best since I try and keep my hens organic as possible.

  90. liking the green sign on your blog page – my friend is a new chicken keeper and she would love this!

  91. Fresh eggs from Happy Chickens! I’d like to think my girls are happy! Although they aren’t to fond of the white stuff that has taken over their pen!

  92. I love the French sign on black; also love the Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens on green! I can’t choose; I’ll have to get them both!

  93. They are all adorable signs!! Hard to pick only one! Looks like I choose Fresh Eggs from Happy Chickens~~ fun contest Terry!

  94. Oh, I would have to have the Farm Fresh Eggs in Eggplant. Purple and gold for LSU, of course!

  95. I know – I’m late and don’t qualify … But wanted to say the art work has the look of many of the fabric patterns available in the 70s … at least in my neighborhood (not so many of the wild paisleys) … cute