The Polish Get New Coiffures

Two days ago I let the hens out to free-range. Tina walked into a fence. The Polish can’t see where they’re going.

They can’t even see where their feet are. They’ve been walking in an exaggerated strut, putting their feet down as if each step might be dangerous.

Sometimes Polish are bullied. They can’t see the other hens to know to get out of the way. And when they do try to scoot out of harm’s way, they walk into walls. In my flock, Tina and Siouxsie aren’t bullied. But the other hens do think they’re crazy.

Both Polish hens molted, and their brand-new, full, white, feathery top-knots are fun for me look at, but not so fun for the hens to live with. It was time for new coiffures.

One good thing about Polish hens is they’re easy to catch – they can’t see you coming – so it’s easy to scoop them up. I snipped away until I could see the eyes. There, that’s better, isn’t it?


  1. Poor things, but they are beautiful but silly. At least though it is easier to cut head feathers than feet feathers with your cohin Pearl !!! And they are use to it. How can you tell the other hens find them crazy ? I guess they just stare at their antics more. They are starting to get older, nearing three years old. I guess we will see if they get over that threshold and will live along time, or not. So far luck and your care has favored them.

  2. Very nice, new hair do’s for the holiday season and the coming inclement weather.

  3. So thats what they look like with full top knots. Beautiful and silly. So impractical! I was wondering if they have combs in all those feathers?

  4. Waaaahahaha! What a hilarious new look! Can I make an appointment at Salon Terry? And love that second pic, with bunny ruling over the chickenyard.

  5. That is truly hilarious! Good job Terry! Gotta do what ya gotta do! They look happier!

      • I think Tina & Siouxsie should take umbrage. They look far better than Cher.

        Love the “crazy” picture. There is something about that head-on look into the camera that cracks me up every time. Maybe it’s the “And just what is your problem?” expression.

      • That made me laugh!! I have a blue Polish called Hattie – she is scatty and lost a lot of her hat because the other chickens pecked it. She is alright now and lives quietly with her Fenton Blue friend who leaves her alone. I love them! She is 3years old now and still laying although she does stop for the winter

  6. Here in Chicago, the Polish ladies prefer to dye their topknots shades of burgundy and magenta.

  7. “But the other hens do think they’re crazy.” Love it! Sounds like my group of friends! Ha!

  8. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’ll never laugh hard at Polish until one flies smack dab into an oak tree, knocks theieself half silly to the response of a hawk swoop about 3 minutes after the rest of the hens have taken cover.

    I miss my Whichway and Wrongway.

    • Have you thought about getting a few more in the spring Ken ? Hopefully from the same place you got Whichway and Wrongway, so they might be able to live as long as the first two did.

      • I’ve thought about it, was actually looking at hatchery magazines last night. Don’t know if I want to deal with trying to get hens to sit in the stylist chair anymore. ;-)

  9. I laughed out loud when I saw the after picture. I thought I was looking at Patty Labelle.
    They suprizingly seamed to have no trouble climbing up Candie’s ramp to sample her food before the “new doo”.

    • Don King? What did these poor birds ever do to you? ;-) Actually, I think it’s a pretty nifty look. Like they were designed by Dr. Seuss.

  10. Holding my sides laughing Terry. I adore their new hairdo’s. But I almost fell over at the Cher comparison. Separated at birth!

  11. Our Golden Polish knocked himself unconscious because he couldn’t see where he was going. I thought he broke his neck, but then he came too and was no worse for the wear.

  12. Thank you for the laugh! Do they have trouble with light when you first trim them?

  13. The Cher comparison is Hilarious, added to by the fact that her head dress is made of Roo feathers.

    I love the fact that once Tina saw Candy she did an about turn, so funny.

  14. It doesn’t seem practical that head feathers should be intrusive to the point that the chicken can no longer see to maneuver effectively. My question is, are humans to blame for selectively breeding more and more head feathers in the Polish? I love your solution.

    • Not practical, and yes, I think it’s gone too far. It’s all about looks and nothing to do with health or productivity. It’s the same mentality that has dog breeders creating pugs that have such squished noses that they can’t breathe. There’s also in-breeding issues. On the other hand, the Polish are interesting and fun. I appreciate the genetic uniqueness which I wouldn’t want to disappear. I’ve been looking into this and sometime in 2012 I’ll be writing a piece about it.

  15. After a very long day at the dentist, I came home to these comments. Flossie, so funny! Pat, Carol, Ginger and Camille, I didn’t know chicken people were so up on pop culture :)
    Don’t worry everyone – the Polish are clueless that we are laughing at their expense.

  16. Love those polish hairdos! We have three buff laced wings and I got the nerve to give ours a clip the other day. I think they are actually happier and seem to enjoy getting around better. I know it made me feel better, ha. Love your blog and cams, found via Countryliving magazine.

    • Vera, glad you found me via CL Magazine! In England I saw hybrids that have top knots that look more like mohawks. Much more sensible dos.

  17. So funny and true about Polish being easy to scoop up. And they are absolutely adorable as chicks!