October Snow

The light dusting of snow turned into a storm. It rained for a few hours, and then temperatures dropped and the snow began to fall. And fall. All of Saturday night it came down. Parts west and south and north of us saw major accumulation, but we got only a few inches. Still, it was heavy and wet and I was surprised that the power didn’t go out. But then it did, right around 6:30 am on Sunday when I got out of bed and saw this:

What made this storm so damaging was that the leaves are still on the trees. Weighted down with snow, branches broke and downed power lines and blocked roads. It’s so unusual to see snow on trees still blazing with autumn color.

This five-trunk maple is in my front yard. It went unscathed.

Two big branches did come down near, but not on, the house. The road looked like this:

The goats are not fond of getting their feet wet.

Caper was the first to step out. After all, there were freshly downed leaves to eat.

The Gems, new to snow, took a look out, and then went back in, where I had supplied them with a pumpkin to keep them distracted.

As always, Scooter knew what to do.

NStar, our power company, worked through the night and I was surprised to wake up to restored electric service. They did an impressive job! I’m about to go out and try to clear out those huge downed branches. I think part of one will make a nice outside roost for the Gems.


  1. So thankful you came away with no damage but memories of the pretty white stuff. Thanks for the updates and pics; we were wondering how you fared.

  2. I thought maybe you lost power – I couldn’t figure out why when it was dark in MN you still had sunshine in MA … The hebcams just kept using the last image they got around 930am.. Sent you a web-capture of the Gems playing with their pumpkin this morning thought it was kinda cute

  3. Scooter is so smart. My hens are working on a pumpkin too. Finally a taste treat that takes them some time to consume. Pretty snow, but brrrrrr. I’d rather see the pretty leaves.

  4. are those potatoes I see by the fire, wrapped in foil? Looks like you had a lucky escape – oddly clammy and still here, I’m regretting the thicker quilt on the bed!

    • Good eye, Wendy! Sweet potatoes cook up especially sweet several hours near a wood fire. Speaking of the fire – I’m about to collect those ashes and put them out for a dust bath treat for the girls.

      • I put our ashes out for the girls today – great excitement initially followed by complete disinterest. Buff normally flings herself in like someone ‘bombing’ at the pool, but not today. Inferior wood, clearly.
        They’re looking forward to their pumpkin tomorrow I think…

  5. You were the first one I thought of when I heard about the storm! Glad all is OK with the house and all the critters!

  6. Glad to hear you fared well in the storm, and thanks for the great pics. We are also still oddly warm in Oregon.

  7. Thank you for the update and the great pictures! I saw the stuck image too, and wondered!
    What was in the purple tubs that candy sat in and the gems ate, but the older hens weren’t interested in?

  8. I wondered too! I was at work and saw some snow in the background and hoped your power was still on. Scooter has the right idea – as usual!

  9. I was curious as to why your logs appear to be turned on end. Does
    that help with the draft? We have a problem with a very smokey fireplace. We really can’t use it as we would like because it smokes us out. Here in Bucks County, PA, we have enough downed branches to keep us busy until spring. Just wish we could burn some in the fireplace.

    • It’s a Rumford fireplace, which is shallow and tall. It was a technological marvel when invented in the 1800s because it actually puts heat out into the room instead of sucking it up the chimney. Because it’s so shallow, the logs have to be propped against the back.

  10. Curious if something needs to be done with the GoatCam. It no longer seems to rotate out to see their paddock; just two view within their stall. Would love to see the snow outside.

    • It’s amazing that the camera works at all – the goats bang it, stand on it and rub their noses on it. IT Guy is out of town, but I’ll have him adjust it when he gets back. (He missed the storm, so I’m blaming it on him!)

  11. These are amazing pictures, I cant believe you have this in October with autumn leaves still on the trees. We in England are still having a warm October (at least last October day today). I am still in shirt sleeves and needing a cardigan only occasionally.

    Keep thinking its got to change soon, November usually does it. I still have lots of roses out and lots of colour in the garden. The begonias in the hanging baskets are still going strong.

    Scooter always knows best!

  12. That Scooter is one smart little fellow! I love the pic of the Sussex saying nope, no way. Glad there was only residual tree damage. We got all of 1/2 inch, thank goodness. My cousins west of Philadelphia were in the same boat as you. Glad you have power again.

  13. Saved that lovely snowy landscape to my phone to save and pull out again once I’m ready for a winter background! What a nice scene! Too bad it was a bit early. We managed to walk away with just a few inches and a few hours without power. And I went and tied those mums up again. I’m not letting them go without a fight!

    • Sean, I’ve given up. My mums are already in the chicken’s compost pile. I’ve brought the pottery inside. Now to get the driveway markers up.

  14. I better get to that too. I already put the markers for the driveway, but the ones along the road have to go up. Otherwise the plows clear the “road” half way up the lawn! And of course, the markers have to be perfectly straight and evenly spaced! Don’t want to be looking at asymmentry all winter!

  15. I think one of the worst storms I experienced in Carlisle occured one year in May. Trees were all leafed out and we had a foot of heavy wet snow. We sat in the dark and later tried to sleep listening to branches breaking. Got up to find complete destruction. And a tulip filled with snow bent over upside down.

    • Carolyn the sound of tree branches breaking is a awful sound. Had a ice storm a few years back and the noise, to say the least, is nerve racking.

  16. 12″ of snow on my deck in CT – no power, land line phone or cell phone since Sat afternoon. Many trees down in the yard and have alot of damage to my shrubs. Family board games and early bedtimes have become a must! Power may be back by Sunday

    • Oh dear! The quantity of limbs down is making progress slow. And, it’s so widespread that they can’t bring in crews from other areas, because everyone is flat out. I played two games of Candyland with my 14 – you know we were going housebound crazy!