First Snow

The first snowfall around here usually occurs right around my birthday mid-November. This year it came last night. Rain changed to snow, which turned into a crunchy crust this morning. We don’t often see snow when the trees are still clothed in their orange attire.

The steps were pretty but dangerously icy. The freezing temperatures will soften up these pumpkins. It’s time to put them in with the hens before they rot on the deck.

We knew that bad weather was on its way, so Steve went out in the dark last night and attached the winter siding onto Candy’s hutch. It keeps the snow from blowing into her house.

I put the waterer on the heating pad.

The snow didn’t last long. By mid-morning it sparkled in bright sunshine. Chickens can’t resist shiny things. They’ve been pecking at the icy clusters as if they’re delicious treats. It’ll probably give them the runs.

The only one who isn’t up and enjoying this early taste of winter is Scooter. He says that he’s not budging off of his bed until summer returns.




    But why could pecking at ice give them the runs? I have an ongoing battle with one of my girls and the runs.

  2. gorgeous! i’ve never lived in a place with snow…i wonder if i could handle it? i certainly love the idea :)

  3. I have been watching the bear cam in Minnesota and they said they had the biggest snowflakes they have ever seen! I am with Scooter..wake me when it is over!

  4. I am ready for the cold weather! BUT IT`S NOT EVEN 60 degress yet ohh my!!!

  5. I can’t believe how different your weather is to us in England. Today it is 17 degrees, bright sunshine and clear blue sky which makes the orange and yellow of the tree’s look really amazing. It seems really strange seeing autumn colour’s against snow.

    We had a lovely spring, a very cool summer when you had your heatwave and now a lovely autumn. It usually changes by November though.

    I love comparing our weather. Lovely photo’s as usual.

  6. Snow?



    A balmy 14C and sunny here, rather over-dressed in tights, cotton dress and cardie!
    But the autumn colours here in England are probably the best for many years – here in East Anglia the colours have really started to show this week and the hedges are a mix of butter yellow, pink, orange and burgundy – a wonderful show!


  7. That dog is so cute when he’s all rolled up with his nose hidden! Surrey is also lovely with the autumn colours, no frost as yet but it wont be long…….

  8. Be safe and try to enjoy your snowtober nor’easter. We’ll be watching the HenCam for the current weather conditions. We envy you and are ready for the winter snow sports.

  9. Bt you didn’t know we movd your property up here to MN over night did you? It’s amazing the stuff their doing at the UofM ~giggle~
    Speaking of winter though – will you be (a)using a bulb to warm the ladies? And (b)if you do will you be keeping the Coop Cam on at night then too? Would love t see what they are up to really at night … We don’t have chickens but the city just passed a permit program so we are considering it … In the research stage at the moment

  10. New boots?? They look great. Candy certainly can move for an elder girl.

  11. You didn’t get too many downed trees? My son’s friends in your town are without power. We lost ours for a few hours, and my neighborhood is a MESS of downed trees, and dripping power lines! But the other neighborhoods in town, even those who normally lose lots of trees, aren’t too bad, including the part of town where, in meetings for emergency preparedness (we have lots of emergency plans in my town), the plans always start with, “and Conantum is without power, due to downed trees”. Mine is worse than them, this time. It was a WEIRD storm!

  12. What sort of heating pad is under your waterer? I’m thinking that could save me a lot of trips to the henhouse this winter!