Thank You For Your Votes!

Happy Dance.

We won the Readers’ Choice Award from Country Living Magazine. You voted, and voted again and dealt with “cookies” and a Survey Monkey that wasn’t as fun as a real monkey. You let me know how much you value what I do.

I value you.

I still don’t know who won the Judge’s Award (and the trip to NYC.) But, I won your votes, and so to celebrate I’m having a giveaway!

While waiting for the results of the contest, I was a bit antsy, and so I cleaned off my office shelves. Everything down, everything dusted, and then put back in order. Do you organize when you’re anxious? At least it’s a productive use of that jittery energy! In any event, I found that I have two copies of Gail Damerow’s classic book, Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens. I don’t need both, so I’m going to give the winner one. I’m also going to include a set of Goat Notes.

All you have to do is leave a comment here. This contest ends Sunday night, September 18, at 10 pm EST. Good-luck! Only one vote per person. No mischievous monkeys here.

UPDATE: this contest is closed. Thanks for all of your comments!


    • Hi Terry, So pleased you won. I hope you get the trip to NYC – you really deserve it. Being in England, I didn’t think I could vote but I felt your other friends would do the trick. You lighten up a dull day here and I follow your blog regularly. Well done!

  1. Terry, I hope you win the trip! I voted because I value your blog beyond simple enjoyment but for the educational info you generously pass along. Just taking this opportunity to say THANKS!! Some day soon I will have my own chickens.


  2. congratulations, terry! especially love the red hen in the bottom middle note pic…she puts ‘giving the eagle eye’ to shame ;)

  3. Congratulations! I hope you win the trip to NY! Your blog always makes my day.

  4. My daughter and I look forward to your posts. We have 4 chickens (our first flock) and are learning a lot from you and yours. Please keep up the good work and thanks for taking the time to share part of your life with us.

  5. Congratulations! Your blog deserved to win, Terry. I tell so many friends about how helpful – and life-saving – it has been for me and my little, precious flock of city hens. I was proud to give my votes to you! Thanks, again, for the inspiration, trusted advice, and pure delight we find in your blog…wishing you continued success.

  6. Congratulations, I didn’t even think to vote more than once.

    I enjoy your blog bunches, it’s a great get-a-way for me during my day

  7. Congratulations, Terry! You DESERVED to win! Sending positive vibrations for you to win the NYC trip, as well.

  8. Congratulations Terry!! You won as I knew you would… My 15 month old Grand daughter & I love your blog and the hen and goat cams….We check them before breakfast!! Love your site!!

  9. Excellent! Glad my one measly vote helped. Keep up the great blog–it’s better than PBS!

  10. I appreciate you! I am very new at raising chickens and have learned much from you. I know that managing your blog with pictures, info and responding to questions regularly takes a lot of time. Thanks for all you do and thanks for your example.

  11. Congratulations Terry!!! A much deserved award! You are very much appreciated!! :) Yipppeeee~!

  12. Confession: I only voted once. Can you imagine the numbers if all of us voted every single day? (Terry, please don’t fire us…)

  13. Yay–congratulations!!! I check your blog everyday, and I appreciate it lots!

  14. My 2 yr old daughter and I just discovered you, along with Tillie and “Egg-wina,” as she calls her. I love the pun, but really, she’s 2, and she’s doing the best she can! Love what you’ve done with your hens, and how timely that the very day I came by to visit was the day that you received this latest honor. Great work!

  15. I’m so happy for you, Terry! I was thrilled to vote for you! You were the best choice by far!!!

  16. Congratulations! I just recently found your blog…and love it!!! I voted for you also, glad you won!!

  17. Congrats! I hope you win the trip to NYC. I love your blog and the hen cam… Your posts and Agatha’s posing for pictures always brightens up my day!

  18. Congratulations, Terry. There are 4 of us ladies in our office, and we start our day checking your Hen Cam, and the weather there. One of our co-workers has just started raising chickens, so we follow you with great interest. Keep up the great job, we enjoy it alot!

  19. Congratulations! Love your blog. Informative, heartwarming, funny and beautifully written.

  20. Congratulations. Hope you win the trip. I want you to know that I’ve learned SO MUCH from your blog. Thank you.

  21. Wow congrads.I read your blog on a daily basis I wouldn’t miss it for the world it makes me smile ty ty

  22. So glad you won even though I could only vote once and then those darn Monkeys appeared. I Check you every morning first thing and then report to my husband the findings. I loved your Fall blog today.

  23. hip hip horray!!! so glad u won, u have turned many of my frowns upside down, i would be lost without your blogs and hen cam. My coop is almost done, so i’am getting close to having my own girls. congratulations to u, u r sooo cool and full of wisdom. thanks for all your work.

  24. Congratulations!!! You deserve it!! You’ve given so much valuable info and entertainment to me. I love your post!

  25. I enjoy your blog and wish you were closer to me so that I could attend one of your meetings. Not just for the free cookies either. I am hoping to one day have a coop of my own. Congratulations on your success!

  26. Watching your hens and goats,and Candy too, make my day a much better day. Thank you Terry! And always wait with anticipation for the next installment of your blog.

  27. Congrats Terry!
    I love your blog ever since I found it because you answered a question I posted on Chickens in the Road. I would love to win the book! I have four hens and will getting five more next year.
    thanks for all you do! I gave the Tilly book to my nephew and he LOVES it.

  28. Congratulations Terry! This is a great blog.
    I have the guide so pass it on to someone else if I win, but I’ll definitely take the goat notes.

  29. Congratulations! Your blog is alot of un, and I’ve learned quite a bit. Keep up the good work!

  30. Yay!!!!! You deserve this award for all your hard work and for sharing so much with so many admirers! I can’t go a day without your blog and your girls. Thanks for sharing the sad parts too-that’s life. It helped me when I recently lost our little white bantum- Tinkerbell to the 104 degree heat 2 weeks ago in St Louis. But yesterday we got our first blue egg from our “Gems”.Congratulations!!

  31. Congrats, Terry! I’m a new reader and new chicken mum (one of our seven ladies laid her first egg on Wednesday), and I’m so moved by your writing. Thanks for all of this!

  32. I love your blog.I am very new to chicken keeping and I have 6 2 week olds and 3 one week old chicks. Im the girl that painted the chicken purse.

  33. Terry, you deserve the win. I hope you win the trip, but you’ve definitely won the appreciation and respect of all your readers. Cheers from me and my flock out here in California!

  34. Congratulations, your blog is always a joy to read. Keep it up, and don’t let your fame make you forget about us little people. You are truly a blessing! May God bless you and keep you and your husband.

  35. Congrats on your well deserved win. Love reading about you & the farm.

  36. Congratulations!!

    I read your blog every day. Lots of good chicken info and I adore the photos. I am glad you won! Good luck on the trip too!

  37. Congratulations Terry! I found your blog accidently around May of this year while looking through the Farmers’ Almanac. I was able to vote several times and hope you are ivited to NYC….good luck!

  38. Congratulations on your win! The first thing I do in the morning is turn on your hencam and then rotate between it and the chickcam.

  39. Congratulations! We haven’t seen our chickens in 2 months (they’re on holiday with our friends while we were on holiday and now house moving) so can’t wait to see them again, and in the meantime enjoy the antics of yours.

  40. yeah! i’m so happy for you..keep up the great work.i so much appreciate your wealth of knowledge that you share wih all of us..

  41. Congratulations. I am such a fan of your menagerie and your blog. I have learned so much about keeping chickens – I’ve been doing lots of research since March 2011 to make sure I get the right type of hens for the climate and learn about health issues so I can be a good hen keeper. Congratulations on your win!

  42. thank you terry,i am realy new at raising chickens and your blog has helped me learn how to properly care for them and keep there dietary needs up and i soo thank you for that:)

  43. Please don’t include me in the drawing, I have that book, too. I just wanted to say congratulations!!! Thank you so much for maintaining this blog :)

  44. Very well deserved and thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to keep the blog up with all the educational info etc. I really appreciate it.

  45. CONGRATS TO YOU TERRI!!! I hope you are enjoying your day. About 2 weeks ago I got 9 new barred rocks that are about 3 months old. I’m looking forward to some yummy eggs in the future and to also share my eggs with the neighbors.


  46. Congratulations Terry! Just started following it in May when my girlfriend told me about it. Thank you for maintaining it all these years!

  47. Glad to hear you won, its well deserved you have a wonderful webpage! I love to read about your animals it puts a smile on my face! Congratulation!

  48. I knew you’d win…as your site is just so special. I check it out daily.


  49. I super love watching your hen cam and reading your blog. You are an inspiration for me to do even bigger and better things for my own chicks and on my small farm! Congrats on the win.

  50. Yay! After I figured out how to get around that pesky survey monkey, I voted every day. I’m so glad you won!!! I haven’t been with you from the beginning but, after I discovered your blog, I went back and read e v e r y o n e of your posts in the archives. Does that count? ;)

    Anyhoo, I would LOVE the chance to win the Guide. It will be invaluable when I get my girls. Until then, thanks to you, I have chicken TV.

  51. Congrats Terry! We have been reading and watching and learning from Littlte Pond Farm and your Family, and your Blog Family now for more than two years. We hadn’t planned on commenting at all. When we grow up, (when I retire) we’d like to get our own brood. We are just so happy for you winning the contest we just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. Congratulations again Terry and may God Bless!

  52. Love your blog and helpful hints! I use them! My chickens thank you.


  53. I have been enjoying your blog and spreading my joy because of you and your lively family. I am glad you won.

  54. Woo-hoo! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for some time now. It’s my fave!

  55. Congratulations! I’m so glad you won. I really do appreciate the time you put in on the blog and it’s great to see such a deserving blog win the award!

  56. Hey! Just in time…. Love your site – inspiring and informative, and such cute chickens… So glad you won!

  57. Congratulations! I stumbled upon your blog via the voting. So glad I did too. I voted. And you won. And I’m thrilled for you. Well deserved!