A Change In The Air

Last night I left the bedroom window open a half-inch and this morning I woke to a cold wind squeezing through that narrow space. It’s below 50º. It’s sweater weather. It sounds like fall: the leaves are twisting and turning, and branches are rubbing against each other. There’s a rustling sound of wind in trees, gusting and blowing that you only hear this time of year. It looks like fall, too. Leaves are a darker green, and some, like on this maple in my front yard, are beginning to turn.

The goats are, seemingly overnight, fuzzy bears. Pumpkins are piled at the farmers market. I crave soup.

Hopefully, the swarms of late-summer mosquitoes are gone. They certainly can’t fly in this wind, so I’ll be out doing some yard work that I haven’t been able to get to because of those vicious bugs.

Candy greeted me this morning at the door of her hutch with and eager rattling of the wire. She loves this weather. I’d like it to go on and on, just like this, for months. Candy is the only one who doesn’t mind how short the season is. She’s ready for snow.

This week is the sixth anniversary of turning on the HenCam. Has anyone reading been with me from the beginning? Whether new to the site, or here for years, I’m happy to have you in my backyard.


  1. Absoulutely my favorite time of the year!!!! Cool nights, warm days, great breezes airing out the house, no humidity…PERFECT! So I’m right there with Candy.
    Terry, it is great soup/chili weather. Tip: When I make my grandmother’s beef/vegetable soup I add a few all spice balls. Gives a great flavor but be careful with the amount at first they definately will over take the soup if you use too many.

  2. Thank you Terry! I love your site. I’ve learned a great deal and I especially enjoy dropping in to see what everybody is up to. Did you know that the goats were crashing into the gate while they romped ( I’ll bet that has to do with cooler weather!) this morning?( They almost had it open a couple of times – you could see a big. gap.)
    In addition I am experiencing vicarious seasons! Your world changes much more radically than mine, although we did have a little snow on our mountain, down here where we live it was just a much needed rain that told me I do need gutters on my coop after all! Thanks Terry!

    • You must have just missed some drama. I saw Pip lying down by the gate. He looked calm, but his leg was at a funny angle. Somehow, he’d gotten a hoof stuck in the fencing! I had to push and twist him and his leg a bit to get it out. He was so GOOD about it all, and seems fine now. Scary for me!

      • Oh I am so glad you were there! I did see him lie down and wondered about it, but as you said, he was calm, and I couldn’t see his foot. You must have rescued him right after that!

  3. How awful for Pip. So glad he was okay. You are keeping my vicarious goats. I am with Candy. I love, love, this time of year. I am New Englander born and bred and I think it is the best place to be. Now February is another story….love your blog.

  4. Fall is by far my favorite. As i was driving home from work yesterday, I noticed the sycamore leaves were all over the ground. I can’t wait for pumpkins!

  5. Fall has arrived in the Northwest as well- though as we barely had a summer this year I don’t think we are quite as excited as normal :)
    “Happy Anniversary” on the HenCam, and thank you for inviting us all in to your backyard and barns!!!

  6. Congratulations on six year anniversary. I found you a year ago and check in every day. I love reading all the comments as well and feeling a part of it.

  7. hi – i discovered your blog earlier in the week and since then have read back almost through your first year. every time i stepped out my front door, i was surprised to see traffic instead of chickens..
    great blog, for practical info as well as entertainment. and i respect disciplined regular bloggers.
    wondering: have any of your chickens lasted from the start until now?

    • Hi Ellen – Welcome! Eleanor and Edwina are seven years old. And Twinkydink came the following year. They’ve been here from the start. Isn’t that amazing? I’ll have to do an “old hen” post soon. Just like other old animals, they require special care.

  8. Man, crisp fall mornings are one of the things I miss the most, after moving from Washington state to Mississippi! (don’t miss the snow though!) Congrats, fellow Reader’s Choice winner! :)

  9. Congratulations on 6 years! LOVE the hencam! You have WONDERFUL blog and I’m not sure when I found it, maybe in the past year? Whatever, I’m so glad that I found it! I’ve had chickens for over 20years and your blog is always informative and just a great read in general.

    And I’m a native New Englander and Autumn is truly the best time of year imo. I live in Virginia now and even though we have the fall color here, it is just not as spectacular as the Northeast…even the woods smell crisper and cleaner up there.

  10. It’s as though a switch were thrown. Because we live in the high desert, when September arrives we are treated to cool nights and days in the low 80’s. Hands down, it’s my favorite time of year.

    Congratulations on your six years, Terry.

  11. Six years — what a milestone. I find your hen cam to be so relaxing and enjoy checking on the girls and your weather each morning with my cup of coffee in hand ! We are still sweating in Florida and will be until Thanksgiving. Keep pressing on, Terry !

  12. I find myself addicted to Hen cam at times, flicking back and forth to see what the goats are up to and I love catching up with your blog.

    I just noticed yesterday how many bugs were out! All the trees are blossoming and the Magpies are nesting and swooping all the cyclists in the area. (hilarious) Spring has sprung in a big way. We are in for a really warm day today and soon, the pool will be warm enough for a dip. I love winter in Australia! We don’t have snow, but everything seems to sleep nevertheless. Yesterday, everything woke up!
    Congratulations on six year anniversary.

  13. I don’t remember dates of events very well but I do remember the note from Steve in one of his solstice cards telling me about Hencam.com. I’ve been a faithful viewer ever since. Love being able to check out the weather and get a tiny glimpse of the town where I lived for almost 30 years. Thank you Terry and Steve. (I taped the This Old House shows when they did the farmhouse on Concord and South Streets. And I still get the ‘Mosquito’.) Keep up the good work!!

  14. i am soo glad that he is okay it has been really hot here in sc this summer and i am talking 100 deegres but this weekend it`s going to be 60-70 deegres thank goodness!

  15. I have known your site for about five years. I have your cam tuned in at work and watch in between my computer’s slow screen changes. I enjoy The hen Cam.I have picked up some pointers from you. Much appreciated.

  16. This is my first fall with my goaties and I laughed the first time I saw them looking like little fuzzy bears! I didn’t know they can even make the hair on their faces stand up when they’re cold–it’s hilarious! :) Your goats and chickens are all wonderful!