Blog Giveaway Winner!

David and Wendy Scott, longtime HenBlog readers are the winners of the Goat Notes and book! Wendy, email me your snail mail address and I’ll get the package out to you.

I could only pick one winner, and it was determined by a a random number generator ( which is fun, easy and impartial. But, rest assured that I read every one of your entries. Thanks to Andrea’s granddaughter I will now be calling Edwina, “Egg-wina.” And thanks to the rest of you, I am energized to continue posting about the goings on in my backyard.

But, right now, the dogs say it’s bedtime, and I agree with them.


  1. What a fabulous thing to wake up to on a drizzly early Monday morning here in Seattle. We never win anything. How exciting and I can’t wait for it to get light enough so that I can go tell our girls. Thank you so much. :o)

  2. I have got to tell that to my henny folks. I chuckle everytime we read this book. We’ll eventually have to return it to the library. I’d better buy a copy so I can keep hearing “Egg-wina” until her speech develops a little more.