Soon after I met Steve, I said I’d move in with him if I could get a dog.

Nineteen years ago today we married.

When we said our vows, we already had the dog. Steve didn’t yet know about the chickens and rabbits and more dogs that I’d bring into our lives. Honestly, I didn’t either. It wasn’t like I I’d had it all planned out.

When you marry you say “I do”. Not “okay” or “I swear”. You say do. It’s an active verb. It implies continual effort and evolution. Sometimes in the process of that doing, a couple realizes that they have incompatible views of how they want to live. And sometimes a life is crafted that is just the right life for both of you.

Not too long ago Steve said, “I love you.” Being the sort of person who never makes anything easy, I didn’t just accept it. I asked “why?” (I like thought and meaning behind all words, even sweet nothings.) Steve mulled it over for a moment and said, “because you have goats.” No doubt at all, I married the right man.

“Really, we’re no trouble at all.”


  1. congratulations on your anniversary! i know how important it is to live with a man who loves goats. and chickens and dogs.

  2. Happy Day Terry and good friends on the next plot over are named Terry and Steve also. I was always taught “Watch out for men who don’t like animals”….I see that neither of us has that problem. In the Pennysaver this morning, someone was looking for a home for some turles. I love turtles, but knew we would have to build another “something” for them. I texted my husband…”No” was the swift reply..then about 2 minuted later…”What kind?” I knew I had him but…..lucky for him, they already had homes!

  3. Congrats Terry and Steve. Yesterday was Jake’s and my 46th anniversary. Time flies when you are having fun.We have no goats but we have a crazy dog and cat who love each other too.

  4. Happy Anniversary Terry and Steve. For our first anniversary my husband gave me a puppy and we have had dogs and cats in our lives since…..almost 49 years!

  5. Congratulations both of you!

    Nearly 19 years ago I married a man with a very special ginger cat… I just knew it was meant to be :-) He turned out to be pretty good at building chicken runs too!


  6. Now that pic should be your next notecard…too cute!
    I printed out your anniversary blog, I’m going to put it in my husband’s anniversary card in Oct. He’s put up with A LOT of animals too & wouldn’t have it any other way! :)

  7. That is so sweet. Happy anniversary. Lovely photo, lovely words. It would be a hard heart that didn’t manage a smile at your blog. You continue to brighten the day.

  8. Aww. What a sweet thing to say. Happy anniversary, Terry and Steve. :)

  9. And, it is obvious, we are all in love with your family: two feet, four feet, big, little, furred, feathered and even finned!!

  10. From my vantage point, both of you got a gem (not to mention Pip, Caper, Candy, The Beast, Scooter, Lilly and all the girls). You always renew my faith in humanity when it is tested. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness together.

  11. Happy Anniversay Terry. Today is our anniversary also – although you’ve got us beat by a few years! Like you and Steve, we can’t imagine going though life without our special furries. Love that photo and yes indeed – you certainly did marry the right guy!

  12. When Len and I talked about getting married (back in 1956), we discussed an engagement ring. I said I’d much rather have a dog. I picked a Maltese (I knew we’d be living in an apartment at first). She came from a kennel in Illinois and was shipped to Len a few days before the wedding in June of 1957. Tiki didn’t come to the church but was the co-star of the reception! We had Tiki for about 18 years, the very best engagement ring ever.

    Of course, we’ve had other dogs over the years plus lots of horses, ponies, sheep (200+), cows, pigs, lots of chickens (I’ve had chickens off and on since I was about 6), geese, ducks, you name it, I’ve probably had some. Len’s not a cat person, but we’ve even had a few of those. And we’ve been married 54 years!

    • What a perfect anniversary story! I didn’t get an engagement ring either – I got a painting which hangs in our bedroom. It has pink horses in it.

  13. Terry,
    My husband Bob and I were also married 19 years ago today (19th). Although he still wont let me get a dog he does not mind the chickens. The horses, sheep and goats live at the farm, a perfect compromise I would say!
    PS, did the article get published yet?

  14. He certainly knows the right words to say to you. That’s love alright, he’s a good guy for sure. Happy Anniversary and many more to come

  15. this touched my heart.It reminds me of the look I see on my husbands face when he finds me happily sitting amongst the chickens.

  16. Happy Anniversary! BTW, I think this photo of the goat should be one of your cards for the holiday bazaar! Love it!