Garden Inspiration

We went to Maine for a few days last week. The last thing on the list of what my teenage sons would choose to do is to go to a botanical garden. But on the last day I told everyone that that was just what we were going to do. On the drive home, we stopped in at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. It’s only four years old, which is brand new as far as gardens go, but without mature plantings it gives you a chance to see the structure of the garden design. My favorite area was the children’s garden, where there was whimsy galore. I want these hinges.

How perfect is this for a garden for little ones?

And all gardens need wheelbarrows,

specifically red ones with a poem.

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is sited along a salt-water inlet and there are hiking trails covered with moss and pine needles.

My sons enjoyed the flowers, the walk and the sculptures. I knew they would.

And then we played miniature golf and had ice cream.

How perfect is that?


  1. What a great poem on the wheelbarrel..and it even mentions chickens! Thank you for sharing! I see RAIN Terry! Is it that hot humid stuff? Who cares…free watering for the garden!

    • It’s a chilly rain and it’s supposed to last for days. I’m wearing a sweater. It’s already feeling like fall here.

  2. I wish you could send the rain our way, I seen on the news last night you guys are getting more than you need. The heat wave broke at least a week ago here but I have cracks in my yard I can stick my thumb in.

  3. LOVE those mouse hinges! Y’know, my DH is the same way about botanical gardens. He’ll go only with much protesting, but once there, he enjoys it tremendously. I wouldn’t mind some of that rain… it’s high 80’s – low 90’s here all week and dry, dry, dry. Aargh!

  4. I would love to know where to get the ‘mouse hinges’. If/when you find out – would you let us know please?

  5. So happy to know you had a nice time in Maine. I love when my family is all together. Doesn’t happen much anymore with three college kids:(