Giveaway Winner!

The random number generator (one of those freebies on the web that is ridiculously simple and fun) picked Shannon.

I wish I could send each and every one of you a prize. Caper says it’s time for a goat-themed giveaway. I’ll have to think about that.


  1. Congratulations to Shannon! This was a fun giveaway because we got to read about so many chicken lovers’ flocks.

  2. Lucky Duck!!! Congrats Shannon!
    And hey; I’d love a goat themed giveaway! I got my first goat in 2009; and in two years, I went from having no goats to eleven goats! Goats are so much fun to keep!

  3. Congrulations Shannon.
    Your going to hate me for this idea Terry, but the only thing I can think of with a goat giving something away is barbeque, manure or mischief. Acourse you don’t have an evil goat like Ambrose (goat owned by a favorite blogger of mine, the one whose horses and goats liek to go into the house), who is the last of goats after poor Geisha past away. If not for his wife, the goat and the lone Dexter cow who Amberose is suppose to keep company would have long since been turned into caribbean barbeque. So I doubt if you do a goat giveaway, it will not be with recipes on how to cook goat :)

  4. Congratulations Shannon! Terry thanks for the contest! For me I had not seen this magazine..soooo, the nice lady taking my magazine order learned I was subscribing directly because of you Terry!:) Sure wished I lived within distance of attending your workshops~~~love your blog and all pictures~ awesome!

  5. congratulations Shannon!Love Henblog – thanks Terry for keeping me informed and entertained!

  6. It was really fun to read about all the flocks and the chicken names.

    Some cards with their handsome faces would be a great goat giveaway. You have some fabulous pictures of both Pip and Caper. Interesting how their faces matured since they were very young. And I hope a goat children’s book is in the works as a companion to Tillie.

  7. Congratulations Shannon! Lucky you. Thank you again for the opportunity, Terry. It was great fun.

  8. Excellent – congrats Shannon.
    I absolutely adore the hair on Caper’s chinny-chin-chin!

  9. One of our chicks from our broody hen hatched tonite and I helped out of it’s egg it’s soo cute! I think I mite name it Faith! Also, congrats Shannon!!!

  10. Hello, Love your website. Got your egg book from our local library and that is how I found your website. We got the egg book because we have chickens and needed new egg recipes. How do you enter the giveaway contests? We want to participate too.

    • I love hearing that people find my books in libraries! Once in awhile I do a giveaway and the directions for entering are in my blog.