Cookies and Weeds

I wish that I had the time to respond to each and every one of you who have entered the t-shirt giveaway! The great chicken names! The affection for your flocks! It’s so much fun to read. But, I have things to do.

The Chicken Keeping Workshop is full. I’ve promised cookies, and so I’ve been baking.

I’ve made Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies, Rosemary and Ginger Cookies, and Molasses Spice. I’ve hidden most of them from my sons and husband, but I might have to make more.

What with the hot weather, I’ve fallen a bit behind in garden upkeep, but with so many people coming to look around on Saturday, I thought I’d tackle this mess of weeds by the Little Pond.

It has to be done by hand.

The good thing about having let it go is that crab grass is much easier to pull when it is in large mature clumps. At least that’s what I tell myself. The big surprise to me is that I’ve yet to find one grub. My girls, even with limited free-ranging, have decimated the Japanese Beetle population.

I do have a supervisor out there. Here she comes.

The Beast might be underwater, but she keeps an eye on everything.

I’d better get back to work.




    • It’s a recipe from Brooke Djony’s New England Cookbook. It’s a basic sugar spice cookie with dried rosemary and ground ginger. It’s excellent – but I used fresh minced rosemary and crystallized ginger. Sorry, I didn’t write down what I did!

  1. Good to see the Beast. How are her pale offspring coming along ? Any of them showing promise of maybe one day becoming as large as she is ?

  2. Oooooo rosemary and ginger:-) Sounds delicious. I have a cookie monster living in my house (no, not me). I’m not sure he’d like these but that means they’d last more than a day. And they would be all Mine Mine Mine!

  3. When I read the headline I thought Terry went off the deep end. Using weeds in her cookie recipes. ;-)

    Can’t wait to hear about the workshop. Keep a mental note of the silliest or strangest questions you get and please share.

    I think the silliest question I have ever gotten (this was years ago before the internet and widely available information) was a lady wanted to see the hole under the hens wings from which the eggs came. Her grandmother told her that and she believed her.

  4. I thought we were going to see a shot of the goat boys shearing off the weeds for you!

  5. Never heard of using rosemary in cookies! But I’m gonna try them since I have lots of rosemary and we always keep ginger on hand since we do Asian cooking quite a bit. I’ve made lavender cookies which are great even though that seemed weird to me at first. They too are basically a sugar cookie recipe. The weeds, oh my goodness, it’s a battle here in Alabama and the weeds are winning! At least I don’t have kudzu in my yard.

    • Make sure you wash and spin dry the rosemary well. Use just enough to scent the cookies, but almost so it’s a mysterious flavor. Enjoy!

  6. I’ll trade you for the recipe….your ginger/rosemary cookies for my Lemon verbena/caraway Tea Cakes! :-)

  7. Oh, how I wish I could attend your workshop, maybe next time. The cookies look delicious! We here in Maine received some much needed rain last evening, hope you did as well. Looking forward to reading about the workshop, Julie.

  8. your cookies ‘smell’ good even from this distance. And your hard work really spiffed up your yard. It made me think about cookies on a hot day. We are going to attempt to bake chocolate chip cookies tomorrow on our car dashboard. With temps here going to be over 100 it is very do-able. we only have to wait about 2 hrs. But it should be well worth the wait!!