Cooling Cucumber Salad

I’m sure that an herbalist could tell me why cucumbers are so cooling. I know they have an astringent quality, which is why people put slices of cucumber on their eyes to take down puffiness. (Anyone out there ready to join me in the shade by a pool, with cold drinks and cucumbers on our eyes? Yes?!) Luckily, just when the summer heats up, the cucumbers are in season.

I planted “Marketmore” cucumbers, and they live up to their name, with more cucumbers on the vine than other varieties I’ve tried. I like their size, too. Medium length and not too fat – just the right amount of juicy centers with tight seeds, and a skin that is thin enough to eat.

This is what I had on my countertop yesterday: Cucumbers, mint, parsley and chives from my garden, and a lemon from the market.

I partially peeled the cukes and then cubed them. Washed the herbs well, dried in a salad spinner, minced, and tossed them in. Squeezed the lemon and strained out the seeds over a measuring cup. A lemon usually yields about a quarter cup of juice, but it varies. I checked how much I had, then poured in good extra virgin olive oil to not quite match that amount.  Salt, pepper, whisk, toss.

This will keep me cool as the temperatures rise.

Make it a main dish by adding feta cheese. Or, serve as a side dish. It goes nicely with salmon and egg salad sandwiches. (One can salmon, one large hard-cooked egg, mayo, pickle relish. Mash.)  That’s what  I had for dinner last night. No heating up the kitchen at all.



  1. yum!! my friend and i were JUST talking about how to eat in the summer when nothing sounds good and it’s too hot to move. this sounds PERFECT; thanks!! :)

  2. Marketmore is mt favourite variety too. Apparently the ‘in’ thing to do these days is put a slice of cucumber in your gin and tonic… I shall try that this evening.

  3. Looks and sounds delicious. It would be good with feta. You have shared some great Summer dishes, Terry, that are also very simple to prepare. As always, thanks for sharing:-)

  4. This couldn’t have come at a better time! My garden overfloweth with cucumbers! I even managed not to kill some lovely lemon cucumbers that I had a devil of a time finding! Thank you Terry! Making this tonight!!!!!!

  5. In previous years we’ve grown Marketmore too (like the sound of Wendy’s G&T!)

    But as I have pledge not to buy any more packets of seeds this year, I grew the cucumber variety supplied in my Heritage Seed Library allocation “Boothby’s Blonde” – looking forward to tasting this pale yellow cucumber.

    It will be a few weeks before I can… you’re way ahead of us. No worries about heat – we’re in an unsettled & cool phase!


  6. Oh! Just discovered that “Boothby’s Blonde” cucumber originates from the Boothby family in Livermore, Maine!


  7. cucumbers are in high season around here. and I am always looking for new ways to enjoy them. We can think it over as we sit with slices on our eyes, cool shade and drinks!! sounds like a good plan!

      • I fear I may have created a monster introducing you to ‘Mother’s ruin’ as gin is known over here!
        I’ve been enjoying a nice locally produced organic white wine lately – there’s a vineyard about ten minutes away.
        Still stuffy here, but overcast…

  8. Terry, I am concerned about Little Blue and her sisters in this heat..would a sprinkler help cool things down any ? Fans ? Glad Candy is “chillin” inside.