A Short Outing

I have been crazy-busy, but found a half-hour to let the animals out for a bit of grazing.

The old girls enjoyed the grass and clover buds.

The Gems removed grubs from the garden. There were a few chases after the girl who found the choicest morsel.

Agatha had her face in the camera. Of course.

The Goat Boys helped by eating weeds around the pond. Notice that they are wearing collars and leashes.

That way I can keep them from getting into too much trouble.


  1. Good to see them all out and about. Has Buffy shown any interest yet in the gems, espically the three young buff orpingtons ?

      • Hmm, I guess I was right she is too old to care that their are hens know that look like her. Oh well, maybe the young Buff orpingtons wil be more ineterested in her when they get older and she can be a leader again.

  2. Your girls (and boys)look so fit and happy! I love to see the pretty clover in your grass. Too bad some people frown on the natural pretty “weeds” in our lawns.

  3. Everyone looks so happy to be out and about on such a beautiful day. Lots of greens and bugs, and things to climb on, too. Couldn’t be better.

  4. Everyone looks very happy! I love your goat boys. :) I have two little Nigerian Dwarf doelings coming in a few weeks to add to my little backyard farm.

  5. your photos are such an inspiration. the peace and contentment can be felt all the way in california :)

  6. When I was a little girl ridding in the car I would scream HORSES every time I saw them. Now fifty years later it’s CHICKENS! GOATS! My husband thinks I am a little off,oh well I’m happy.

  7. Terry, do you hold Agatha on a regular basis ? She is special.

  8. Agatha is such an awesome chicken. Some chickens just have so much personality, they really stand out from the crowd.

    Love your blog and your cams ;)

  9. I love watching my girls devour those pecky japaneses beetle. Go girls, go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I got such a chuckle this morning. The leashes are to keep them out of trouble, but boy do those chairs look tasty! Your girls look very happy with the freedom of fresh grass and grubs. Who wound’nt be? once again, thank you for getting my day off to such a great start.

  11. Terry! I thought of you yesterday as we went on an adventure to find out what had happened to an arabian gelding that I donated to an abused children’s camp. He lived to the ripe old age of 31 with his blind pal Sprite…I was sad that he had passed..but had a great life being brushed and bathed by children who’s lives are not normal. Anyway, the farm also raises Boer goats and they had about 250…Guess what the side business is besides selling them for meat (I guess they are “meat” goats?)? They send them out for hire to weed eat people’s acreage! What a great business! I could not believe how they could leave a hunk of land looking like the moon!!!!!

    • Goats are a great management tool to reduce the threat of wildfires by eating brush!
      (Am glad to hear your horse had such a good old age!)

  12. your goats are soo cute i have one of my own and he loves getting out in the yard and chase the dogs (he thinks he is a dog)