I Have A New Camera

I’m one of those “point and shoot” sort of photographers. I’ve been taking pictures with my iPhone and an old Coolpix. Both limited my already limited skills. I’m delighted to let you know that I have a new camera. It focuses with alacrity. It can handle background light. It zooms. It flashes. It can do this.

Note the insect!

And it can do this.

Capers eyes are squeezed shut! And look how Pip is airborne! (Despite the belly. He’s defying the laws of physics!)

Agatha is delighted. She already loves to pose for the camera.

Now if I could just get Agatha out of the way so I can take pictures of the other girls…


  1. Oh, you are going to just have so much fun! Love the goats in action. My son called the goat ninjas:)

  2. what fun! looking forward to lots of fun shots of your group! How are the chick names coming along? My 4 new ones had names the first week but they were all wrong and I am starting over.

  3. Your new camera has a macro (little flower) button, doesn’t it? I love that feature! But prom photos dont look good if you forget and leave it on!

  4. Oh, boy. Now I want a new camera! My 7 or 8 year old Coolpix is looking pretty sad with the electrical tape holding the battery door closed. It still takes more than acceptable pictures to me, but those pictures you have there… amazing. It’s always so hard to get good chicken pictures because they refuse to pose for longer than a nanosecond. I’m looking forward to seeing all the great pictures you take.

  5. Agatha: but I am most beautiful! You only need me! tee hee

  6. Photography is one of my hobbies. And my chickens are such wonderful subjects because they are colorful, animated, and they have so much detail that’s fun to capture. I’ve no doubt you will have fun with yours, and if Agatha finds herself in most of the shots…well, she’s a star in the making!

  7. these are SO great! i love that agatha is your camera whore; mine is henny penny. ah, the girls! i saw goats at the fair today and got so excited. goats are going to be one of the big new adventure if/when i ever get to move forward with my sustainable farm.

  8. REALLY nice pictures! Lovely closeup of the flower (with insect). Agatha Agate is beautiful, and looks very curious about that lens. But catching Pip completely airborne… well, that’s worth the cost of the camera right there. Congratulations – and have fun!

  9. Those photos are great! The goat action shot is perfec :-)

    Thank you Terry – you’ve just helped me find a camera that is just what I’m looking for! And it’s a Nikon – which will make me happy because for years I traveled everywhere with my trusty Nikon manual SLR (no auto-focussing etc). It’s been to to far corners of the globe and now sits in a box in the corner while I take digital snappy snaps with a dinky little Fuji Finepics. Before we go on our next big adventure I think I’ll treat myself to a new Nikon :-)


    PS We suddenly have a mini heat-wave (yesterday and today) 30+C !!!
    Due to break tomorrow and return to a sensible 20C.

  10. Thanks everyone, for your comments! Makes me feel like I’m a “real” photographer. Steve picked this camera for me because it autofocuses quickly and can take multiple photos, so you can catch that nanosecond when your chicken is doing something cute. I can also use that zoom (with the flower icon – which doesn’t screw things up if I forget it’s on.)

  11. I have a leghorn chick and a black giant I think the leghorn is a rooster but i am not sure and it has a black spot any answers????