If You Don’t See Them…

… don’t worry! The animals aren’t always in view of the cams. There’s any number of places that they might be. Candy might be under Blackie’s retirement home, while the other hens visit the frail hen.

If you see Candy closed into her hutch during the day, then I’ve probably let the hens out to free-range. Sometimes the goats join them.

But, the goats and the chickens rarely stay together. Pip and Caper have discovered the delicious water celery in the water feature. I’m happy that they’re keeping it down. Otherwise I’d have to yank it out because the celery overwhelms all of the other plants in the pond.

Or sometimes the boys check out the lawn furniture.

You’ll rarely see Scooter on the cams. These sunny days he stays on the back step, baking in the sun.

I think I’ll go join him!


  1. Wonderful post! I’m glad to see Blackie in her little retirement coop inside the hencam run. That is a great picture!

    I want to come back in my next life as one of your animals. What a wonderful life you give them all. And Scooter looks so happy lounging in the sun. Life is good!

  2. Hi, looking for a home for 5 baby chicks and a baby duck I rescued, I am fostering them right now but I rent a small cottage and cannot keep them. We live about 25 miles north of NYC, can anyone help me find them a loving home?

    • I’ve heard that some people have had success placing chicks through craigslist. You can also try backyardchickens.com. I believe they have a swap area. Good luck!

  3. PS Terry, I spent sssoooo much time watching everybody on the cams today- love it!!!!!

  4. Good to see Blackie is doing okay. This might be a dumb question. But I was reading about the goats and how they are scared of strange dogs. Know I know that you have trained Lily to be cautious about them. But did you have to do the same with Scooter, or did they just think he was a little goat they could head butt ? What does Scooter think of the goats or the chickens ? I know some dogs at his size are bossed around by hens.

    • The goats think they can head butt everyone! (Except me- they know that’s not allowed.) I keep the dogs and goats separate just to be on the safe side. It is true that goats are very wary of new dogs. Scooter says hello to the animals as he trots by, but he doesn’t spend much time with them. Lily, OTOH, checks in with them and they do lots of through the fence sniffing.

      • Should have know, Scooter would have enough sense to leave them alone. He is really acts more like a cat than a dog espically with his sunbathing.

  5. I love Blackie’s retirement home – what a kind thing for an elderly hen.


    PS: Just spotted you’ve got Adirondack chairs just like ours!

  6. Hi Terry,
    I bet you must have been flooded with inquiries about where the chooks were, I must admit I did wonder myself but did remember that you do let them out occasionally. Love your photos, I have not been able to see the girls much lately because of our time difference here in Australia and noticed you have some different girls now, still catching up with all your posts.
    Glad you had a lovely visit with your friend.
    Ann-Marie from Oz

    • I’ve been hearing from people around the world happy that the cam on the chicks is on 24 hours a day!

  7. Great picture and story about Blackie and her bonds of friendship with the other animals. Leave it to Candy to supervise the visit.

    Those wing feathers on the chicks seem to grow by the minute. They are still only a few days old and some feathers are very prominent.

    • On day 4 I thought there was something stuck to the chick’s side, then realized it was the wing feathers! So fast! Soon we’ll be able to discern adult coloring.

  8. What a lovely website. I love the hencam and the goats. We are just starting our Urban Farm Life. So far we are enjoying it. This is a new go to site for me. Very fun and helpful Thanks