Anniversary Giveaway!

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the HenBlog! This is the 626th post. From the start I made a decision to focus my writing on a small window into life with my animals. As a scientist who studies pond flora and fauna will tell you, a tiny drop of water seen under a microscope holds a lot of life. It’s the same for my backyard.

I subscribe to the animal training philosophy that if you look for the good moments and reward them, they will multiply. What you focus on is what you get. When I write this blog, I also look for the good moments, the sweet, touching, silly things that happen in my flock and between me and my animals. Because I’m looking for the good to tell you about, I find it. Being a writer, I take what I see and mull it over and turn it into words. I’m constantly crafting stories in my head and thinking about how to share them with you. My life has become happier in the process of writing the HenBlog.

In thanks for being such a great audience, I have another giveaway from my collection of vintage chicken things. You can win this wind-up chicken that lays jelly bean eggs and this colorfully embroidered rooster. All you have to do leave a comment to let me know how long you’ve been reading HenBlog and where you found me. Even my newest readers can enter! Just once, please. And do let others know about this contest. Writers love an audience.

The contest closes Thursday, May 5 at 10 pm EDT. The contest is closed. Thanks for entering!


  1. i’ve only been reading a few short months. i followed through a link on the purple podded peas blog.

  2. I am LOVING your blog! I look forward to reading every post. I found your blog in the back of your Tillie book a few weeks ago that I checked out from the library. I will be purchasing the book very soon. It’ll be the perfect book to go along with my new chicken obsession.

  3. About a year and a half. You have been a great help when I wrote you about health issues with my flock & your blogs are so informative. Thanks for sharing your barn yard experiences!

  4. I love reading your henblog and watching the hen and chickcam :) I have been following you since I got my three grandchicks about 2 years ago, saw you and Tillie on Martha show and read the book about Tillie-so funny and cute :))

  5. Hi! I’ve been reading you for a couple of years now, from when we first got our own chickens and I was scouring the internet looking for good advice on how to keep them happy and healthy. And I stayed for the enjoyable writing and musings – as well as following the adventures of you and yours. Thanks for sharing this slice of your life with us!

  6. I like what you wrote about looking for the good moments. As we have recently had some sadder chicken events (a hawk visit, a chicken illness), your positive philosophy is just what I need right now!

    I have been reading HenBlog for about a year and a half. I have appreciated all the good advice you have so generously shared.

  7. I don’t remember when I started reading…maybe a year and a half ago? I was probably doing an Internet search for some chicken advice and your blog popped up. I’ve been here ever since:-)

  8. I’ve been reading since my daughter got the book Tillie Lays an Egg a couple of years ago. We just had to check out the hencam and we’ve been following ever since. Plus, we now have our own backyard chickens and we’re loving it!

  9. I have been reading and watching for approximately 2 years when your site popped up when looking for chicken advice. Been watching and reading ever since.

  10. Hi! I started reading about a year ago when I was looking for advice on keeping chickens. We have a happy flock of 6 and enjoy all of the adventures at your farm!

  11. I have been watching about a year and a half. I not sure how I found you, but it may have been something in the Concord Journal. Love your writing and your animals.

    Hope you might update the Animal Bios section as that helps me understand whom I am watching. Especially helpful with the new girls from the barn.

    Also, have the chicks developed their pecking order or is that something that comes later?

  12. I discovered your HenCam about three years ago and have followed you since. I remember when I was a young girl, we had chickens also and my job was to gather the eggs. We only had one rooster during my childhood and he and I did not see eye to eye. I have been enjoying the chick cam.
    Thanks Terry.

  13. I found you when I was doing research on chickens! I found a ton of great info and fell in love with the Hencam! Even though it was Winter, I tuned in all the time to watch them in the coop! Finally got to meet you at a book reading and get a copy of Tillie! I read the blog at every new post!

  14. Terry! You have been part of my routine for about a year and a half? Maybe more..I can’t remember! You are part of my daily work routine…Get to work at 7:00, turn on the computer, drink coffee until it decides to fire up, check the HenCam! When the kids are going bonkers…I check the HenCam…You are my sanity in my sometimes insane world! Thank you to my fellow librarian, Karen, for telling me about you!

  15. I am a nanny and found your book in the library with the children I take care of. We all loved the book so much we checked out your website about a year and half ago. I also have chickens and soon to be more chicks I have gotten lots of great info for around the backyard farm! Your site puts a smile on my face and its fun to see kids learning about animals and nature! Seems like the simple things in life are being forgotten! Thanks for your site and sharing your life with us!

  16. I found a link to your Hen Blog on JoAnn Mapson’s facebook page about four months ago. I have always wanted to have my own chickens but can’t so I was happy to enjoy yours! I am just finishing my first novel and reading your blog has been a welcome diversion. I bought your Tillie Lays an Egg for my granddaughter for Easter and she loved. I also bought both your cookbooks and have enjoyed them.

  17. I found more or less two years. And since then, wake in the morning I start my computer and open my emails and I will soon pro HEMCAM. You are safe in my “FAVORITES”. I have fun with their pets. I found him on:

  18. We found you about 2 1/2 years ago on Google while researching about our new adoptions and have followed intently daily while learning volumes of information, advice and friendship. We follow your cams like your family through a window on our laptop. Thanks so much for being our long distance friend and advisor. Early on we also purchased your Tilly book and cookbooks; both have brought many memories and great dishes.

  19. I discovered you about six months ago on a blog called Musings from Stonehead, he raises Scot Greys and Berkshire pigs in Scotland. He has a roving list on his blog of favorite sites to visit and I just happened to see hencam one day. And fell in love with your two polish girls.

  20. I read a review of The Farmstead Egg Cookbook in 2006 and knew I had to get it. I got it home and saw that you had a website where I could meet your hens, and I was “hooked.” ( I was raised in the midwest by beagles and chickens, so it was rather like coming home.) A few months later I took a bad tumble which required surgery. I was wheeled into OR envisioning your girls and for courage reciting their names. In recovery the nurse said she sure didn’t know what I had been dreaming of but I was laughing quite happily. See what magic all of the Little Pond Farm ladies produced! Alas, here in our Washington, chicken keeping is not allowed…I guess someone thinks we’ve already got enough old roosters crowing on Capitol Hill! ; )

  21. I’ve been enjoying this fantastic web site for over a year. We got our first baby chicks a year ago and I have been to your website every single day since I stumbled on it purely by luck. Thanks for the entertainment, diversion from the everyday humdrum and especially the knowledge that you share so very well.

  22. I know I’ve been reading your blog for at least three years, but for the life of me, I cannot remember how I found it! What I do know is I have learned even more about keeping “my girls” safe and happy, and have been able to enjoy the antics of Pip and Caper because of your wonderful writing and pictures!

  23. Your website is on my daily look ups! I have been enjoying your blog a little over a year now. I think I found you while researching breeds as we were searching for our first chickens at the time. What a joy your blog has been!!!

  24. Boy I can’t remember when I started reading your blog must have been when I got my chicks last spring, whenever I need help, info or just inspiration thats where I go to read.You help more people than you know.

  25. I discovered your blog when I read the piece about you in The New Yorker. Although we no longer have chickens, I enjoy reading your practical advice and following the progress of your animals. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  26. I wold love to win the chicken contest. I am a teacher and we view hencam daily. Love the animals and new chicks. Thanks, Leah Martini

  27. Hi Terry!
    This is my second year reading your wonderful glog and watching your flock. I found you when I bought Tilly Lays an Egg. Your blog brightens my day. The students in my library love to watch the hens and goats and now the darling chicks. Let’s not forget Candy!

  28. Been an avid reader for a year plus and I hate to be vague, but I have no idea how I found you, but you’re a favorite of mine for the chicken and goat antics. My first ‘job’ was selling eggs from my Dads chickens door to door as a child to make extra pocket money (nothing made it back to him for pellets!). Also I love to hear the hearing updates! I recommend your site to all my friends starting backyard chicken flocks.

  29. Hi Terry – I’ve been watching and reading since my son’s 8th grade science class hatched and raised a batch of chicks and your blog was part of the required reading. He is now in Vo-Ag high school and learning and watching your animals gives us something to talk about – important with a teenager! I also work in a very large city office and the Hencam gives me an “outside break”.

  30. I found your site when I was researching how to treat a chook with diarrhea. My poor Dolores never recovered but the epsom salt has worked on my other girls. I’ve been following you from New Zealand for the last 6 months. Thanks for keeping us all informed and entertained.

  31. Just discovered your wonderful site a short while ago and joined!! I am in Fort Smith, Arkansas and first saw you on MARTHA STEWART. I view your cams often. I have a small flock of Cinnamon Queen yearlings and a Wellie mix rooster. To join soon are two of each… Blue Andalusian, Wheaten Marans, Blue Laced Wyandotte babies the same age as your new babies!! Thank you so much for sharing with your large FAN CLUB!

  32. Congratulations on the 5th anniversary!
    When my boys were small they each had one of those chickens that lay jelly beans. They thought they were the funniest things! It seemed like their chicken walked when wound up, also.

    I think it has been about 2 years or so,when I discovered your blog and Chicken Keeping Resource link. You had e-mailed me about adding the HenPals Nest Box link to it(thank-you!)
    My goal is to make more time to chicken watch. Yours and mine!

    Have a great day.

  33. I have been reading for months. I think I got here via Chickens in the Road blog but not entirely sure. Could have been Hen Bogle.

  34. It has to be at least a year since I’ve been reading. I believe I found you via “The It Bird,” an article from the New Yorker. I initially dicovered the HenCam, but the reason I check back again and again is because of this wonderful blog. Congrats on five years, and on everything that you do. Here’s to another five to come. =)

  35. I have been reading and watching the Hen Cam for several months. I can’t recall how I found you-but it was through some chicken info I saw somewhere!

  36. I found your henblog when I got my girls a few years ago. I was looking for any and all info to keep my girls healthy and happy! I rely on home remedies due to no vet care in my area for chickens. I have used your advice a few times over the years and my girls always returned to good health :) Many thanks for that!!!

  37. Discovered your site via Live Cams on my iPhone late last summer. And have read all of your blogs,much easier now on my iPad,gift from husband who thinks I am crazy spending so much time watching chickens! Lulu is my favorite, love it when she is out in the rain or standing in a puddle.But actually they all are characters,love them all. Love your recipes too!

  38. I have been watching for 2 years from the Elementary School where I work. It is the highlight of our day!! Thanks so much for all you do & including us in your life at Little Pond Farm!
    Joan :)

  39. I watched a rerun on you tube of the Martha Stewart chicken show about 3 months ago and saw your segment. My husband and I have purchased 24 acres and we are hoping to be on our own farm by next spring. Of course I’m dreaming of chickens! I am learning so much from your blog,thanks!!

  40. I have been reading…probablly since Febuary. I found it on Bing seach, looknig for cute chicken cams, and have been here ever since!!!

  41. I’ve been watching the Hen Cam for about a year and discovered you when you were on Martha Stewart. I have 7 chickens at home but spend my day in front of my computer at work and I have the cam up to check on the farm. It makes me wonder what my hens are doing at home when I’m watching yours. Thanks for the entertainment!

  42. I’ve been following your site since last November. I found you after I started blogging about my own flock. I love that we have independently discovered how wonderful and amazing chickens and have many similar experiences on our parallel journeys. Thank you for sharing all of your farm friends and your expertise. I too am loving the chick cam! Warm Regards–Melissa

  43. I started following your blog maybe a year and half ago. Don’t remember how I found you, but I tune in everyday.

  44. I have been reading your blog for about 6 months now I think….found you through Chickensintheroad when you answered my chicken question. LOVE your blog and all the cams. thanks!

  45. I been reading the “Hen Blog” for about 2+ years. I had read an article about “raising back yard poultry” in our town newspaper where Terry had been the guest speaker.
    I had missed that event, but found myself a faithful viewer of the “Hen Cam” after reading about her web site. Since then I have enjoyed seeing her on Martha, and Animal Planet.
    The Golson family gives us a gift every day with this blog of useful information about animal care, gardening, and cooking delicious recipes. Its like a mini vacation from daily life. We get to enjoy seeing Pip and Caper, Lilly & Scooter, Candy and the “Girls”, and now the new “Chick cam”! Your website appeals to all ages, and brings such happiness to people all over the world. “Thank You” Terry for sharing your little acre with the rest of us! You do bring us Joy!

  46. I’ve only been reading you since your last giveaway – learned about you on the winner’s blog (I’m Gonna Tell Mom!) I have really enjoyed learning more about your life with hens . . . I asked my husband if he thought our dog would tolerate a couple in our suburban backyard and he thinks I’m totally nuts, so for now, I’m living vicariously! :) Thanks for the giveaway, and happy blogiversary.

  47. I just discovered your website. A neighbor introduced herself the other day and mentioned she had chickens too. Then she left a lovely note in my mailbox and it included your blog. I can’t wait to follow it. Thanks so much!

  48. I really don’t remember when I started checking in with HenCam. (But I remember learning about it from the Martha Stewart Living website.)

    Probably late last summer…I remember an entry about freezing spaghetti sauce made from summer produce, to be enjoyed over winter.

    My chicken story is this: I grew up in a typical S.California suburb, but somehow my father got it in his head to keep a flock of bantams, hens AND rooster. The neighbors complained but never reported us. So I had a couple of good friends who were chickens when I was a kid.

  49. Hi. Ihave been following you for about 2 1/2 years – ever since I was browsing on the internet prior to getting a few chickens of my own. I also collect chicken related bits and pieces for my kitchen and as I quilt, I make a few chicken related things too. I have just made some AGA hob covers for myself after months of promising to get on with it! Really enjoying chickcam and love to read your blogs. I have found them helpful, entertaining and always beautifully written. Thank you

  50. Good morning,
    I have been a fan for many years. I can’t remember when or how I found hencam. I especially appreciate your help with questions. I have emailed several questions over the years and have received very helpful responses. Your blog is very helpful in the managing of my backyard flock of 30 hens.
    I also like the variety of information. I have tried several of your recipes. I also bought an egg steamer for my eggs. Thanks for all the helpful tips.
    Keep up the good work.

  51. Hello there; Have been following you for about one year. Honestly cannot remember how I found the blog…I suspect you left a comment on another site and I followed you over to Hen Cam that way. What I do know is that from my first visit I was hooked! :-) So very much enjoy your writing and seeing the hen and goat cams too.

  52. I happened to read a review of “Tillie” and it included your hencam info and I have enjoyed it ever since. I share it with my grand daughter Lucy who loves it as well. I find so much joy and comfort here…Thank you from my heart.

  53. Hi
    I found you through “scratch and peck” when you built your chick/retirement home together. I found “scratch and peck” through “hen House” and that through “home Chickens” my son Steves blog. I have loved all but have now latched on to you as you blog most days and get loads of comments which I also love to read. I am a virtual chicken keeper. Its not possible for me to keep chickens but I feel part of it all by reading your wonderfull blog.I check in every morning and evening to read the latest.Loveing it, thank you so much for shareing.

  54. Good afternoon Terry…..I believe I picked up your site soemtime ago from CITR. Something to do with wanting to raise chickens….!
    I do have a lot of rooster figurines and so would like what you’re offering to go with my collection. So very cute!

    Celia Allen

  55. The first time I saw the girls was around the first week in March. It was so cold here in Maryland and I wanted to see some life. Was I searching for chickens on the web? Maybe? I pass a wonderfully colorful flock on my way home. So that is possible. they peaked my interest.
    But I can not tell you how often in my week, when the normal work load and rush of business gets to me and I just click on your cams to see what the girls and the goats are up too. I love the blog. Just a wonderful way to keep up with the goings and comings on your end of the world. I stop for a few minutes, check everyone out. read the blog. email a friend, seeing if she has checked in and saw this or that. Then I am able to deal with my working life once again.

    I had one of those little egg laying hens as a child. We could only have it out during the Easter holiday. it was very special to me. Something wonderfully entertaining about getting the hen to lay her jelly bean eggs.

    And who would not enjoy looking at a rooster with all those colors in his tail feathers and that lady bug lunch so close to his beak.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your farm family with us!

  56. I am in the process of moving to the country and will be raising a small flock of chickens. I found you while perusing through websites serching for information on raising chickens.

    This happened well over a year ago and I cannot remember whether I found you through a link on another website of through an internet search. Anyway, I have been happly watching the chickens since!

    Keep up the great work. I love watching the hen cam! Your blog coupled with the cams give me great information and a good idea of what life with chickens will be like.

  57. Hi Terry,
    I would say I have been following you about two years. I believe I found you through searching for info about chickens. We started our own backyard flock about two years ago this spring…..loving our ladies out back in the coop!! I love checking your site as you are full of info and you update regularly. Thanks for sharing your chicken/goat world with us!

  58. I also followed you starting with Scratch & Peck and the 3-hour coop construction project; don’t remember how I came across S&P. I grew up on a farmling (not big enough to be a farmette) in upstate New York, complete with chickens and a steer calf each year with the same name, “Dinner” — way back in the ’60s we had Aracaunas before Martha had ever been heard of! Love your writing and your approach to critters.


  59. I have been an avid hencam watcher for about a year and a half. I was at work, desperately seeking a live web cam so I could see something in the outside world and came across the chickens. I love chickens, but I don’t have the courage to try and raise them myself. I am too afraid of being responsible for something that is alive and depending on me, so I just have virtual chickens. I went to the farmer’s market last Saturday and bought a dozen yard eggs. I tried to convince my family that my virtual chickens had finally produced results from all my hours of watching, but it didn’t fly. I not only watch (a lot), but I have converts all around me. My niece watches and sends me pictures on my phone any time she sees chickens in the country. The man I bought the eggs from couldn’t wait to get home and check out the site. My Aunt who lives in Los Angeles watches because it reminds her of her childhood. You have definitely made my life richer for having been in it. I started by watching the hens, transitioned over to being a blog reader, and now have added the chick cam to my routine. I watch and wait and anticipate each new blog entry and get excited when there is a new one. Thanks for sharing.

    Julie McDaniel
    Sour Lake, Texas

  60. Hi Terry,I’ve been following your blog so long that I don’t remember when I started – several years at least. My day is not complete until I check in with the girls (and boys). I really enjoy learning more about chickens and goats from your posts – your common sense perspective is refreshing. Thank you for sharing your farm family with us!

  61. I’m not sure exactly when I discovered the Hen Cam. Maybe 2 years or slightly more. I used to watch the Cam @ my horrible bland beige cubicle job until they put up a big firewall(some idiot started watching porn @ work,grrr) So I don’t get to watch the girls as much.I do drop in every couple of days, checking out the happenings. Thanks so much for ur site, I enjoy it so much!!!!

  62. We are a military family and went from living in the country (when I had chickens) to moving on base. My daughter went to the book fair at school and bought your childrens book since she was missing our chickens. That book made her feel better about our move and she loved the photos, I found the info to your site in the book and that was a year ago. We love the hen cam! Thank-you!

  63. I just discovered you this morning! I was on Backyard Chicken forum, researching raising rabbits with chickens. One of the threads mentioned hen cam …. and viola, I can’t seem to get my day started because I am watching your chickens. I will be getting my 3rd batch of chicks in a couple of days. My prior batches had to find new homes due to a cranky neighbor. I replaced them with rabbits, but now the neighbor is moving and I am getting chickens again! Can’t wait to retire out of suburbia life! As I am raising meat rabbits, I don’t think I will free range the breeding herd with the chickens – but reading about your little holland lop sure sounds like fun… so maybe I can integrate a “pet” rabbit amongst the girl! Even more entertainment to be had. Many blessings to you, happy anniversary and thank you for your blog and cam!

  64. I am a long time look-here-and-there-r of your blog. My mom is an avid fan and always passes along reminders to check you out. So here I am once again! My kiddos love your sweet Tillie book and that is how we originally came to your site.

  65. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for about one year. I love it, especally watching the goat and hen cams. I found you on a search for a chicken web cam on Google