Goat Superpowers

My goats are short and tubby. Depending on the time of day their bellies will be round or rounder. If they’ve just eaten, their left sides (where the first of their four stomachs is) will stick out further than the right. My goats, being Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, are beautiful, but not exactly svelte and agile. See what I mean?

We all know that superheroes have have meek daytime selves. Who’d have thought that geeky Clark Kent could fly and have x-ray vision?

My goats have superpowers. They can squeeze through anything. Of course, like any good superhero, you never actually see them doing it. You never see Clark Kent in his undies while he’s changing, do you?

On Saturday Steve noticed that Caper was grazing on the lawn. Pip was still in the paddock.

Notice that the gate is closed.

Look closely, though, and you’ll see that Caper had lifted the chain on the bottom off it’s hook. That’s not a superpower act – that’s simply being a clever goat.

Still, it takes superpowers to squeeze through that gap. Caper, the main superhero goat, had gone first. His sidekick, Pip was all set to follow.

But, Steve was now watching. So, Pip looked all innocent and bleated to be let out. A superhero never gives up his secret.


  1. Awww…. Poor Pip… let his sweet little self out :)

  2. I think he was telling Steve what a good boy he was for not getting out and that he should get a special treat. ;-)

  3. Goats are cute. And their superpowers are just one of the reasons I don’t want or have any. My mini donkeys are so much easier. I could use a couple more grazers but I’m thinking maybe alpacas??? :-)

      • Mini donkeys are amazing creatures. I had no idea until we got ours. We have lots of goats in our area and people just love them. But you need a livestock guardian of some kind or the coyotes go after them. Donkeys are pretty rugged.

  4. It’s the tongue, it’s like goat’s have a dozen thumbs they can use right in their mouths. And I wonder if goats are like cats and don’t have a solid collar bone, and if their vertebrae are more flexible as well. As for miniature donkey’s one would think as smart as they are they get into more trouble than goat’s can.

  5. Jeez, Mom, do you have to blog that we are short and tubby? We are just doing all the things in our job description. But we know we hit the goat equivalent of Megabucks when we came to live at Little Pond Farm.

  6. Years ago a friend came home from a holiday weekend to find all of the rose bushes in the back yard nibbled to the ground. Two yards away lived a pair of goats. She never figured how they did it.

    • oh I know how they did it….owner sees goats in the neighbor’s yard eating rose bushes. Luckily they aren’t home. Sneak those goats back home…..phew….they will never know:)

  7. Caper is just like, “c’mon Pip, what are you waiting for”?!

  8. We have 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats as well(Black Jack and The Sundance Kid) and they NEVER cease to amaze us! My hubby has nicknamed Black Jack “Houdini”… no matter what we do, they escape and wreck havoc! We love them so much though- they bring lots of entertainment to us. It is fun to read about Pip and Caper and totally be able to picture everything they are doing! :)

  9. Caper is certainly related somehow to the infamous Baby Belle at Herron Hill Dairy. I can see a resemblance.