They’re here! Click here to see the chicks!

The post office called at six am.

I’ll post more after I’ve had my coffee…. and can pull myself away from watching and listening to them. Chirp! Chirp!


  1. Oh! They are SO fluffy and adorable! I love their little pink feet!

  2. Oh my gosh, aren’t they adorable!! Mine just arrived yesterday. I think we may have some of the same breeds. I got one each of: Ameraucana, Welsummer, Partrigde Rock, Black Australorp, Delaware, and Dominique. My goal is to someday live in a zone that allows more than six. Best of luck to us as hens for the next few weeks.

  3. SWEET! And how lucky they are to get to live at YOUR farm!

  4. BABIES!!! Oh my gosh they’re darling. I wanna snuggle with them all sooo much! Wish you had sound too.

  5. Congratulations! Were you able to hear little peeps before your implant? I’m wondering how they sound to you now. Fifteen! They will outgrow that box pretty quickly. Have fun:-)

    • I was able to hear peeping before the implant – we had chicks a couple of years ago that I remember being quite loud. But, the CI sound quality is better and I’m getting the higher pitches. Sounds more melodic.
      Ten chicks are going to a neighbor’s tonight. Even so, they will outgrow that box soon!

  6. They are so cute! I have my first flock ever… 10 2 week old Australorps! I look forward to seeing these grow to.

  7. I’m thoroughly enjoying your site and Lauren’s as well!!! I’m going to be starting my very first adventure with Chickens this weekend!
    Thanks for your blog! I love it!