Birthday Boys

It’s Pip and Caper’s Birthday! They’re two!

Three years ago I fell in love with the Nigerian Dwarf Goats at the Fryeburg Fair in Maine. Fairs will get you into trouble like that. I did an internet search, and there was something about the Village Haven Farm that I liked. I liked the small size, the fact that the babies were left on their mamas, but got lots of human cuddles. I liked the looks of the goats. I didn’t really know anything about goats, but if you’re in and out of barns as much as I am, you know when something is right. I put a deposit down on two, yet to be born, goats.

And this is what I got.

These are my first goats, so I don’t have any other goats to compare them to. That said, these are the absolute best goats in the entire world.

I have worked with many and varied animals, but I must say that goats are unique unto themselves. Yes, they fit in the four-legged furry farm animal category. But they are nothing like horses. Or donkeys. Or mules. Or cows. Or sheep.

Goats have goat obstinacy and goat humor. Goat appetites and goat itches.

Pip and Caper are sweet and cheerful. Friendly and curious. And very helpful. Especially with tools.

Happy Birthday, Boys!


  1. We are building a barn and as soon as I get through the red tape with the county (Welcome to California! I guess they need the money???) I will have an extra stall…I am thinking goats would be fun? I can’t resist the faces!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your goats. I have to share with you what I did on Saturday. I went on the Funky Chicken Coop Tour, here in Austin, Texas. Apparently, this is the 3rd Annual – my first. It was fantastic. There were 20 urban coops all over neighborhoods in town. I was only able to visit a few – but what a treat. It was self guided and you showed up at their backyard coops between 10 am and 4 pm. It was great to meet folks who were delving into urban farm life. Some had done it for years – some were newbies – some had fancy “professional” coops – but most had built their own (one had recycled an old kid’s plastic playhouse into a coop). One urban “farm” had 2 mama goats and 5 kids – right in the heart of Austin – amazing. I am starting my 5 year plan. Retire in 5 years and have chickens – maybe even a goat. Just had to share – since you are my inspiration.


  3. I have always wanted goats, but if only we could find a breeder out here in Nebraska…

    By the way, the boys are very photojetic, i noticed ;)

  4. So cute!! I can’t wait until we get a big enough piece of property to get us a little hobby farm going. For now, our 7 chickens will have to do. Some day….

  5. Such handsome boys. I quietly follow and must say how much I enjoy your blog and look forward each day to news on your hens, bunny, and boys. Thank you.

  6. And I hope they will have many more happy birthdays. I don’t if you have ever had pet ferrets. But I have always pictured them as a huge ferrets that have gone vegan, for as much trouble and flexibility they have and for getting into anything you can think off. And acourse stealing anything they can get ahold of too.

    • They do have super powers of being able to squeeze their big bellies through paper-thin gaps in a fence! I haven’t kept ferrets – I think the goat are enough trouble and fun!

  7. Your goats always make me laugh, and these photos of them on the barrels are priceless!

  8. Those are two handsome goats! I would like some goats someday. They seem to be the most intelligent farm animals. And they have an odd daintiness about them. (And I hate mowing the lawn…)

    “huge ferrets that have gone vegan” – Funny!

    I read somewhere- maybe it was in “A Garlic Testament”- that goats can be quite a handful, being strong and diligent enough to knock down fences. And no more vacations unless you find someone with experience looking after goats- who of course, already has goats of his own to look after…

    • I’ve read that, too, but so far my goats have stayed put. We have very good fencing! Also, as I said, my goats are the best goats in the world and are very sweet :)

  9. Hi Terry,
    Happy Birthday boys from the girl goats (x3) in Oregon. My girls are 4 months old now and are so funny! Gotta love them thats for sure, not quite a dog but close. Lori

  10. Happy Birthday goat boys. I too fell in love with Nigerians at the fair. I tracked the lady down and bought two from her.
    you need a sense of humor with goats. they don’t care. about personal space