1. lucked out in the connecticut valley…rain but no gusts. hope your snow melts quickly!

  2. Oh dear – I’m afraid we can top that snow amount up here 75 miles north of you and it’s still coming down. Nine inches so far. Ugh! April fool indeed! PS: Love your blog – have been following for some time now.

    • Camille – 9 inches? Uggh. Trees down? It’s so heavy and wet that a tree blocked my son’s school bus, the DPW had to chainsaw it apart so they could get to school!

  3. youre welcome to come visit me we are having 80 degrees already here in Montgomery Texas! :)

  4. Oh Terry, I think you deserve a vacation to someplace warm. I thought our rains were a little hard to handle this year, but all that snow? Come on out to California!

  5. I am in the next town and was jolted from my morning stupor with three slush balls falling from trees. It is beautiful, though, except for the damage to tree limbs.

  6. SS!! Not trying to rub it in but it was 91 here in San Diego, CA yesterday.

  7. Here in Oak Park, CA yesterday it was 91. Today more like 85. Still too hot for me. But snow? Maybe not so good either. If the weather could just find a nice happy medium for spring…