The Real Easter Bunny

Is it springtime yet?

Here’s cause for optimism.

You know what this means – it’ll soon be time for the Easter Bunny to come hopping along with her basket of eggs.

I have a secret. Candy is the Easter Bunny. Here’s proof.

This is a spy shot taken inside Easter Bunny Headquarters. I don’t know where she’s hiding the chocolate.


  1. Terry we MUST do what we need to do to get Candy to tell us where her stash of chocolate is!! Maybe withhold her carrots or alfalfa treats until she gives it up. ;-)

  2. Wouldn’t you know that the Easter Bunny’s name would be Candy! We all should have guessed this one a long time ago!!

  3. But does she poop Jelly Beans ?
    Oh but she is cute. Though I think she is thinking,”Hmmm, can I steal and break, and eat this egg. I have heard of a Shetland pony, sheep, dogs, and other chickens doing it. So why not try some protein myself ?”

  4. How gorgeous! Just came across your hencam and blog! Love it! So funny I started a blog about my chooks too :) Love your site!

  5. I saw one of the black hens hop up Candy’s ramp, stop at the door and stare her down for a couple of minutes. Candy finally allowed her in. She stayed for quite a while. I never put two and two together about what she might be doing in there. I think I’ve got it figured out now. ;)