Table Runner Give Away!

Doesn’t springtime make you want to clean out your closets? First on my list is gardening, but it’s 20º F this morning, so I’m indoors and tidying up my linen closet. I haven’t used this table runner for ages, so I’m going to have a give-away contest for it to find a new home.

It’s a charming hand stenciled cotton runner that I purchased on eBay a few years ago. It measures 67 inches X 15 inches. Wouldn’t it look nice with a centerpiece of a bowl of colorful dyed eggs?

All you have to do to enter is to tell someone about my blog – either via Twitter, or FaceBook or an email. Then, let me know that you’ve spread the word about HenCam in the comments below, and I’ll put your name in the drawing. I’ll use a random number generator to select the winner. And, YES to my international readers – I’ll ship anywhere! You have until Monday night, March 28, at 10 pm EST to enter. Please, only one entry per person. Good luck!

The contest is now closed. Thanks for entering!


  1. posted on my Facebook account – thank you for all the information! I’m a newbie at this, but inherited some older birds.


  2. How about word of mouth? Have told 3 people in the last 3 weeks about your blog. All newbies to wanting or having chickens. We have 5 hens who are just about a year old. Love your blog and it has been very helpful. Thanks!

  3. I emailed my friend about your web site and now she too is addicted to it. She just got her first baby chickens.

  4. I have told my sister and my best friend about this site. I visit about twice a day. Can’t wait to see the chicks when they come. Thanks for the chance to win the cute table runner.

  5. I told my two co-workers who are my “chicken buddies”! Love the table runner- thanks for the opportunity!

  6. I told a bunch of people with a shot gun email. Thanks for letting me look at your chickens.

  7. My future son in law has an interest in goats. I quickly led him to the Hen Cam.

  8. Posted on my FB page. Thanks a bushel for the giveaway. I love that tablerunner!

  9. I told my sister about your blog two days ago, and she has been glued to the Hen Cam ever since! (When she’s not watching the goats, that is.)

  10. Posted on my facebook page and told a friend whose sister is getting chickens.

  11. I shared your site via email with a friend that loves and wants chickens. I have seven wonderful hens…..three barred rocks, two rhode island reds and two black australorps. They are all great breeds that I enjoy. Thanks for sharing your home with ours!

  12. lol, I just noticed that I have two blue ceramic chickens that would look great with that! :)

    • Yay! I just sent it via Facebook to 3 of my friends!!! They are going to check it out!

  13. Hi Tracey, I was on youtube today and came across these two videos
    about two Buff Orpingtons sisters who decided together to tag team and try to sit and raise 28 babies together. They ended up successfully raising 23 chicks mostly of Barred rock and buff orpingtons. I have acourse seen other videos where other hens will sit on each other, sometimes double or tripple trying to be broody. But never have seen two sister hens deciding together to raise their chicks cooperately. I was wondering if this common, I just thought it was amazing that sister hens would help raise chicks together without aggression.

  14. Terry, this spring two of my friends are setting up for their own backyard chickens… at my constant encouragement. Of course I told them to follow you for advice, education, reassurance and enjoyment!
    FYI, remember the chicken purse you auctioned off? while shopping the other day a helpful saleswomen proudly showed me the same purse, after learning that I had pet chickens….needless to say I passed. But I do like this runner.
    Have you seen Mary Jane Farm magazine? Crazy article about keeping pet chickens indoors, with a sort of diaper on, and frequent baths and pedicures complete with nail polish….bizarre.

  15. so the first comment that I got on my Facebook entry was that this was the oddest recommendation she had ever heard, ha ha.

  16. I published it on my face book page love the site grew up raising chickens.I check this site on a daily bases.

  17. Your hens have become a great hit with several of my friends. I have emailed your web site to every person I know who is a farmer at heart and a couple that actual do it for a living!

  18. I have you on my FB. I love your site and check in everyday!!!
    You have the perfect life! Please sign me up for the drawing.



  19. I am a faithful reader and would love to be entered in your wonderful giveaway! I have shared your site with several farm friends via e-mail. Thank you, and lets hope the weather warms up soon! Happy Spring. Julie

  20. Every blog you post I share on my Facebook. I talk about you and your HenCam to everyone almost daily like your family but oh you are chicken family. Thanks so much for the fun.

  21. I have been following your blog ever since for the past year and I have shared you information with many of my friends and have bought your book for my niece and you have taught me so much that I’ve incorporated with my chickens so myself, my friends and my chickens thank-you for the information.

  22. Even though we have our own chickens. We enjoy checking in to see how your chickens are doing. We have many friends who enjoy visiting our chickens and enjoy the eggs that we share with them. I have e-mailed some of them to let them know about your site.

  23. I shared via Facebook. You have a great website, and although I do not have any hens yet, I am learning a great deal about them just from your site. Thanks for your inspiration!

  24. Thanks so much for all your information. I’ve certainly learned a lot….and just shared your blog via FaceBook….so you should be getting some new hits. God’s best blessings be yours.

  25. Just tweeted your name and site on @russbrent

    Luv watching the chicks and kids on the cams.
    You’re an inspiration!

  26. I’ve always loved your blog and have passed your site address around many times. My cousin and my brother have both become addicted as I am. He’s a goat lover and she’s crazy for chickens and bunnies. The chickens on the table runner remind me of my Barnvelders! Hope this will serve as an entry!

  27. I’ve always spoken to everyone about your blog! In fact, just today I was talking about my “favorite blogger”, Terry Golson! I list your page on my YouTube channel, and I re-shared via Facebook. =)