Silly Dog Fun

It’s spitting snow outside and all dreary and brown and soon to be white.

So, I decided I needed something to cheer me, and everyone else stuck in this endless winter, up.

Here is a video of Scooter being a pest. Lily, as ever, is a good dog.


  1. It seems every pack has a little trouble maker! We have three small-ish dogs, and the littlest one loves to stir things up. We laugh every day. Michele

  2. Great job, absolutely darling. Thanks for the at work pick me up. Sorry about the snow. Seattle had clear skies and 62 degrees yesterday. But my allergies are horrible.

  3. Fantastic. Lily looks like a ballet dancer. We have a dog (Eng. Cocker named Grace) owned by a cat (Ticked Tortie named Booder) who can act pretty funny, too. Thanks for a laugh on a dreary March day.

  4. Lily truly IS a good dog. She looks like she’s enjoying being pestered though. This gave me a big smile today.

  5. haha soo cute! And I just love the little dog’s name…scooter! :P

  6. Thanks Terry it put a smile on my face too!!

    My Skippy (rat terrier mix) stirs it up with my Lulu almost just like Scooter does with Lily but Skippy goes for the back legs.

    Terry if you ever decide Scooter is too much for Lily and you need an excellent home I’ll pay to have him flown to St. Louis. ;-)
    I’ve said it before but just have to say it again one of the cutest dogs I’ve every seen.

  7. Thanks everyone! Ken- Scooter is worth his weight in gold. You’ll just have to find your own ridiculously cute dog :)

  8. That just made my day….and made my dog jealous of Scooter because he has a playmate.

  9. Lily looks like she is yoga-posing at :44. No wonder she is so patient!