And The Winner Is…


I’ve been discouraged lately. Over the last two years my agent has tried to sell several of my books to publishers. We’ve come close. I’ve had call-backs and done revisions, only to finally have my writing rejected. So, hearing from so many of you that what I do brings you joy, information, and inspiration has given me that much needed pat on the back and the encouragement to keep doing what I do.

The winner of the table runner is Bonnie Jo, who, it turns out, has a wonderful blog of her own that I’ve followed for quite some time – I’m Gonna Tell Mom! It’s worth taking a peek just to see her hens in sweaters. (A joke! She doesn’t really dress her chickens. Though there is that photo right on her web page…) So, Bonnie, please email me with your snail mail address and I’ll get the package out.

For the rest of you, I feel another bout of spring cleaning coming on. Now that I know what to do with the extra chicken things I promise another contest soon!


  1. Where’s Buffy? I haven’t seen her since the big barn girls moved in…

    • Buffy is fine! She’s spending half of her days thinking about being broody and sitting in a nesting box. She’s not at all intimidated by the new girls and has also been out and about. Keep watching, you’ll see her.

  2. Don’t give up. You’ve done it before and you can do it again. We have faith in you!

  3. Why don’t you self publish. With all the blogging I am sure you would sell a bunch and it is not a bad way to go. You can do it with an organization called “CreateSpace” it is part of Amazon and they print on demand.

    • Hi Joyce – I’m fortunate to have been published by good publishing houses and mentored by some very good editors. A book is a collaborative process. The Farmstead Egg Cookbook had 19 people help it along, including a copy editor, jacket designer, and someone who cared a lot about the font. I have one project that I might self-publish, but I wouldn’t do it alone! I’d hire an editor and a designer. But, I hope it won’t come to that. My agent just sent it to another house.

  4. Hi Terry, i think u are soo awesome, don’t ever give up, i wish i had your knowledge and talent. I ordered your egg cookbook back in feb. i’m still waiting, so hopefully it will come my way, i did get all your other cookbooks. love em. i have your hen cam on all day every day!! can’t get enough. i got a chicken coop, but haven’t got my fence yet, still have lot’s to do before i can get the cute chickens. i think i’m going to get my first ones from the fair that the kids raised, i only want hens also. i live in northern calif. which ones would be more heat tolerant? take care

    • Any of your basic chickens will be fine in the heat – as long as you manage their surroundings. Leghorns, with their big heat dispensing combs do well. Site the coop in the shade, make sure they have a patch of cool earth to lie in, hopefully have electricity so you can have a fan going in your well-ventilated coop.

    • I’ve heard from people in very hot Texas who use misters successfully. Don’t know if that will be necessary where you are.