1. Oh Terry! That is so fabulous! And such great news! Is that creek behind your house? And I have to ask for my husband…are there any FISH in it?

  2. Beautiful.
    Those flat rocks look like a great place on warm spring day to read a book.
    Is the water that high usually or just because of snow melt?

  3. No fish worth catching that I know of. The creek is about a half-mile up the street from me. It’s an outlet for a pond that probably does have fish – but nothing yummy. Some whopping big snapping turtles though! The stream will be a trickle by summer, and by then the mosquitoes will be out and I won’t be sitting there.

      • That turtle soup can land you in jail. In most places snapping turtles are endangered.

        • Not in Missouri, the season is July thru December for the “common” snapper. I’ve never hunted them but my grandpa did.

  4. At first I just looked at the picture, not realizing the significance of the fact that you HEARD this. Makes me smile.

  5. Awww….congratulations, Terry. The first of many spectacular sounds of spring!!

  6. Yay! It not only looks beautiful, but now you know it sounds beautiful too. I’m so happy for you.