Candy’s Throne

Candy’s throne. From here she surveys her kingdom. I’m thinking that when the snow is gone, I’ll need to build her a new seat of power. Suggestions?


  1. Candy is so funny! Your snowbank looks just like my snowbank–covered in bits of straw. Maybe Candy would like a wooden crate or similar to perch on. My house rabbit used to like to climb up the stairs and sit on them and survey the living room.

  2. My bunnies have a 3 level wooden house and some have a plastic kiddy house with a slide and they love to go up and down the slide.

  3. My first thought was similar to bunnylady’s. Maybe something along the lines of one of those cat climbers. The ones with like three or four shelves that are staggered for easy climbing. Of course for Candy maybe just two and only a couple feet off the ground just in case she slips.
    If you can find one of these cat climbers at a flea market or yard sale cheap they also make great roosts for chickens espcially if your coop is small. The spiral shape can fit in a small space. I had one in my run years ago as a day roost. I removed the carpet before I put it in use.

  4. One lady I read online has acutal cardboard castle that her rabbit loves to chew and play in.

  5. Is Candy considered old ? What is the lifespan of this breed ? She sure is cute. Glad your snow is melting away.

      • Candy is a hollands lop right ?
        I don’t suppose Mrs. Golson either you or Georgene have had Flemish Giants ? One of the blogs I follow online has a 13 year old female Flemish Giant named Cinnamon. I think she is still alive, her owner kinda of did a photo book about her and disapproving rabbits.

  6. 56 degrees and sunshine- wow!! You must be in heaven! Love the pics of Candy!

    • Glorious out! Last year it was this nice mid-March, we turned on the outside water and a week later the pipes froze and burst, so I’m being cautiously optimistic. I did plant cold-weather veg in my raised beds – turnips, spinach and carrots. Covered with insulated glass.

  7. I dunno…I’m looking at the cam right now and Candy is in her usual “seat of power” spot, surveying her kingdom from her front doorway. Maybe you could just build her a little deck at the top of the ramp where she could enjoy the sunshine and still be higher than the hens.

  8. You could form a mound shape out of chicken wire and then cover it with a mixture of mud and straw. It would harden in the sun like an adobe. Bunny mountain! It would probably have a good texture for climbing and would look natural. You could make it so she could go inside it too. I bet it would be a cool shady place in the summer.