1. We have a path like that to the driveway, and another for a puppy bathroom. Sigh.

  2. WOW, I will stop complaining about the weather here immediately.

    I see the depth of the snow on the coop, any fear of roof collapses?

    I think we need a little contest of when you will see the ground again.

  3. Wow…and we thought we had it bad here, in Illinois. We just dug out from who-knows-how-many inches of blowing, drifting snow yesterday, with thunder and lightning the night before! In a snow storm?! Now it’s minus 4, with temps forecast to 20 or 30 below with wind chills. Sigh.

  4. Good afternoon Terry and everyone. The picture says it all—no words necessary. It’s cold and damp here but nothing like you all are having. Bundle up and stay warm.

  5. When shoveling snow, is it heavy ? Is it hard to make those nice trenches ? Never seen anything like this before !

    • It’s so fun to answer questions from you folks in the sunbelt :) Every snowfall is different. Sometimes it’s light and fluffy, like the fake snow you have at Christmas. Sometimes it’s heavy like a snowcone. For awhile on Tuesday it sleeted, and it was like shoveling marbles – toss it and it rolled right back down. After a sunny day, the top inch or so melts, then freezes, making it treacherous for animals that can cut their pasterns on it when they break trail. Right now it’s got all of those layers, and there’s too much of it! More is expected this weekend.

  6. Oh man you do have a lot of snow. I am glad I live in the South.
    Has Scooter tried jumping in the drifts, or is he smart and sticks to the paths ?

    • What about the boys? Are they climbing the mountains of snow and is there a worry about their possible escape?

  7. Good Lord! Terry, are you near that business that the roof fell in on? They said it was 50 miles outside Boston! Holy Moly! Love cute little Scooter walking the snow trench..ADORABLE! I am having a hard time finding Candy..where is she hiding? Sorry….A.D.D. today..BIG TIME!

  8. Hi, several people have not seen Candy recently. Trust me, she’s there! She’s having a good time climbing the mounds of snow. Sometimes she hangs out under the hutch in what has become a snow cave. She also has been munching on frozen carrots and such in the compost area. She’s been eating twice the usual amount of rabbit chow, and has quite the layer of fat. She’s one happy bunny.

  9. Oh, and about the goats…. they hate the snow, so no worry that they’re going to climb out. They’re staying on the paths. Getting even more rotund with this lack of exercise. I’d take them on a walk up the street but to get there I’d have to bring them through the house out the front door, and I’m not going to do that!

  10. Aren’t the snow banks huge. I can barely get out onto the main street. We snow blow an area for Bella to use for her business, but she is getting sick of the same old spots. Just way too much snow!!!