Snow Photos For Those In Warm Climes

If you’re one of the many who have been shoveling and chipping ice, you can ignore this post. But, I’ve had lots of questions from people who don’t know anything about snow, so I thought I’d share what it looks like from a view other than the HenCam.

This is my mailbox.

With the temperatures above freezing for the last two days, the road crews have been plowing ice, slush and snow off of the streets. It’s mess of road sand and potholes, but better than it was. My driveway is plowed by a nice guy in a pickup truck, but without the DPW equipment, it’s still a sheet of ice. See that humungous snow mound left by the plow? Underneath that are my raspberry bushes. Think I’ll see them by May?


  1. I’m not familiar with the normal amount of snow for your area, but with all the news coverage about the last few storms, I’m guessing this is way more than usual. Glad to see that you can get out of your garage. But once you do… be careful. It looks slippery out there!

  2. WOW, that is amazing ! I know it is bothersome, but it sure is pretty ! Thanks for educating us !!

  3. Hi, Yes, thank you for catering to me, here in N. FL without snow or even ice. But we have had frost which is pretty for a few short minutes in the early morning…and we are leaving our drought status behind. You have some of the things I hope are in my future: chickens, goats, and snow! Wish me luck! I love your blog and your webcams, they truly enrich my life. ( I hope that doesn’t sound sad…) Warm wishes for your ongoing recovery. Leecia

  4. Thank you for reminding me why I moved here – snow is pretty to look at (on TV) but I’ve done my time in the cold – no more! Aloha.

  5. Aah, the memories. (I find myself wondering at times – How many tons of snow have I shoveled over my lifetime?)

  6. My DH has been looking up stats….IF I recall what he said correctly,, by the end of January, we had more snow than the previous record *for the whole winter*. We have something like 3x more than an ordinary snowy winter (a winter on the high end of normal). the snowiest months are February and March…so this may be challenging!

    Normally we snowplow our driveway, sidewalk, and mailbox (post office won’t deliver if the mail truck can’t drive up easily). It melts or compresses a bit by the next storm. This time, after three storms and no time above freezing, the snow walls by all of those where so high, the snowblower couldn’t through snow over them! DH and the kids hand to take shovels and knock the tops off the walls, then reblow it deeper into the yard, so that when the most recent storm came, they could clear it!

    • My husband said it was going to snow again and I felt like putting my fingers in my ears and saying “na, na, na, I’m not listening!”

  7. Here’s another tidbit for you folks who don’t know snow:
    It’s warm and it’s raining. That’s bad. The snow mounds are lower – but that’s only because the snow is absorbing all of this rain. Then it all freezes at night, so all that white stuff in my backyard is as solid as the ice crusted in my chest freezer. Treacherous for all animals and impossible to shovel.

  8. Also, this cement that some call snow is too hard for roof rakes to pull it off roofs (16 foot or longer handled poles with an angled thing on the end, to pull snow off roofs)…buildings are collapsing! Hartwell Tavern’s Barn (not a period barn, just on the property of the 18th C Hartwell Tavern (a house) in MinuteMan National Historical Part) collapsed yesterday! So you have to have someone go up and shovel it off….with great effort! A friend’s modern, peaked roof house showed serious signs of stress, so he had it shoveled off, and it’s better now, so I’m having mine done, too!!!!!