Tuesday Morning

When there’s a light snowfall and there’s no wind, the trees get laced with white. In the early morning it looks like I’m standing in a black and white photo.

When you have animals you have to get up early and go out. That’s a good thing. A half hour later rain had washed this scene away.


  1. Washed away? just the frost on the trees – or all the snow?

    I can’t believe you still have snow! Is this usual for early February?

    After an amazing sunny day yesterday the grey cloud has returned here, still mild though, and the hens are ‘mowing’ the lawn for us!


    • Celia- Only the snow on the trees melted away, the 2 feet of snow on the ground is not only there, but now so rock hard that I can walk across it while barely making a footprint. While it’s not unusual to have snow this time of year, what is out of the ordinary is the quantity and how heavy it is. Roofs have been collapsing from the weight of it. It’s so icy that some cemeteries are banning visitors. Even with a long thaw, I’ve a feeling that we’ll be seeing patches of snow in shady spots of the woods into May.
      My hens would love to see lawn! Not only are they bored, but since there’s no place to dust bathe, I’m going to have to dust them with louse powder to prevent an outbreak.

  2. Another disadvantage of a heavy snow (at least according to a entomolgist on the news last night) is it insulates the ground and insects/lavre are more protected from the cold. Therefore, he was predicting large quantities of the buggers this spring and summer. Sigh.

  3. What a beautiful picture. It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to visit, so I looked back a the last few posts. You’ve taken some INCREDIBLE pictures!

    Looking forward to the predicted 40 degree temperatures in MINNESOTA this weekend…