Lily’s Snow Day

We are being whomped with another snowstorm. Two feet of accumulation is predicted. Or, if we’re lucky, just a foot, and then a thick layer of sleet. That’s on top of the 32 inches already on the ground. We’ve already had to pay the guy who plows the driveway to get another guy with a front-end loader to move the snow out of the way. Anyone out there keep their chickens in Eglus? Or small, low to the ground coops? Aren’t they buried? Whatever are you doing?

The dogs know what to do. Lily is having a boring day.

Might as well nap.


  1. Sending safe wishes your way and wish we could have just a little of that this way. Currently its clear and 34 in Seattle with an expected high of 43. We’ve been watching the snow pile up all morning on the HenCam.

  2. I imagine if they have a garage move them in their, or convert them into house chickens. I was wondering is Scooter or Lily older, and will Scooter ever tease Lily by grabbing a hold of a toy and keep it near her ? But won’t let her get near it and will sit and grr at her like famous youtube Paco the chihuahua will do his doberman companion Ramses ?

    • Lily is 7 and Scooter is 3. They play and rough house, but I don’t allow any real growling or resource guarding. Scooter does bite Lily’s toes to get her to play, though!

  3. We are originally from Iowa and know all about the snow. Currently in Texas for school, we just got hit with ice. It’s a whole differnt game. Wish it was only snow. If you get enough ice on top of your snow and scooter might be able to get out and slide around on it.

  4. Oh my gosh so much snow. I dont think we are far from you we are expecting alot. I just took my dog out onto paths cleared on saturday and its up to my ankles. Good luck and if you will be out shoveling like me wear tall boots. Winter is not kind

  5. Let us know how the fish are holding up in your pond. Praying for bright sun, warmth and snow melting weather soon !!!!

    • The fish should be fine. The pump is still running (although I can’t see the water flowing under the snow.) There’s a cave under the big rock and it hasn’t frozen there yet.

      • I’m curious- I thought that if the pond was deep enough, freezing over wouldn’t be a problem, the fish would just hibernate-?

        • The “pond” is a water feature and only 3 1/2 feet deep. If we didn’t keep the pump running all winter, it would freeze. Even with the pump the ice can get a half-foot thick!

    • Candy is loving the snow! She has a wooden house inside her hutch and lots of hay. She got fresh, warm water 4x today. And carrots and green beans. She’s a happy girl. I do keep an eye on her lop ears, but they seem to be fine.

    • The real weather danger to rabbits is in the summer – they die quickly of heat stroke. In fact, if I brought her inside now, with her layer of winter fat and thick coat, she’d be too hot!

  6. I wonder how warm that groundhog is right now. I am praying he doesnt see his shadow. We have enough snow today

  7. Day late on this one. But we had 4 inches of pure sleet yesterday. Which was the best form of precip. we could have had. If it was freezing rain (which is what they were predicting) it would have been over a inch and half of ice and probably be without power for numerous days and if snow it would have been two feet, so sleet was the best possible outcome.
    I don’t think spring can come soon enough for all of us.

    • Lucky you! We had the half-foot of snow, and are now getting hail/sleet. It’s like shoveling marbles. Might be freezing rain by nightfall.

  8. If I don’t bring my lunch I generally run up to the grocery store and grab some fruit or sandwich/soup of the day special. I did make a few chicken pot pies yesterday on my snow day and brought one of those. The chicken was one of my 30 month old white rocks, as always, it made an excellent base broth.
    It took me 2 hours to get to work this morning (normally 30 minutes)so I’m staying put until I leave.
    If it takes me 2 hours to get home Lulu and Skippy may not be in the window anxiously awaiting my return, they may have rigged a booby trap to show their displeasure in being gone 15 hours and laugh with joy when I get caught in it :-0.

  9. My Bella is bored to distraction. Our walks are rather short these days. I worry about her pads on her paws. The other night she was limping it was that cold. I think I should have gotten dog boots for her this winter. I wipe off her feet when ever she comes in. I’m worried about all the salt.

    • I worry about them licking the salt off their paws (and in Scooter’s case, his underside.) I give them a good rub down when they come in, but it wouldn’t hurt to wash the paws, too.

  10. My little coop has become a source of severe stress this winter. I have an a-frame coop which has a pen around it that had a roof. The roof collapsed during the first big storm we had because I was lazy and didn’t get out to brush off the snow in time.

    Well, because there’s so much snow, we can’t get it repaired until spring. So every time it snows, I have to shovel out the pen. Of course, now it’s all frozen so I can’t shovel it. The hens are in the lower part of the a-frame but they don’t want to come out in the snow so they’re cranky as all get out and not laying anything to boot. It’s getting tougher and tougher to deal with, and I may have to send my hens to live with a friend who has her hens in a big barn. I don’t know how I’d ever be able to get them back though. I’d be brokenhearted if I have to let them go though. I need a real shed or barn for my seven little hens!

    Marna (CT)

    • I’m surprised an A-frame with a steep slant collapsed! Time to have spring dreams of a new coop. I hope you can keep your flock together. What a winter.